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New page: Unified sales plays for Red Hat Partners

March 11, 2024
Check out the Red Hat Partner Connect sales plays page, where we provide content, guidance, and other sales tactics for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, and Red Hat OpenShift.

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Global Tech Trends report assesses partner opportunities for IT industry in 2024

February 27, 2024
After surveying more than 700 customers, Red Hat has assessed where organizations are in their digital transformation initiatives and the state of cloud in 2024. Our findings were compiled into our Global Tech Trends report.

Technical resources

Keysight Telco Partner Experience: Addressing CNF Certification for Open RAN SIM CE

This post continues the journey of Keysight Technologies to achieve Red Hat OpenShift CNF Certification for Keysight Open RAN SIM CE, describing the changes and improvements made in the product to adapt to the certification requirements, as well as the workflow followed in collaboration with Red Hat’s Telco Partner CI team using Distributed-CI. Final certification results and conclusions are also shared.

Technical resources

A new login and landing page experience for partners

January 17, 2024
As part of our ongoing work to improve the Red Hat partner digital experience, we recently made improvements to the login process for partners on Partner Connect (also known as, our partner website), and how elements of our partner platform are accessed

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System integrators

A new certification experience for Partners

April 9, 2024
We created a Product Centric Workflow to improve the certification process. The new process will simplify workflows related to managing your products and certification by introducing an interface that revolves around the Partner Product.
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Technology certification

Enabling Chart Dependency within the Red Hat OpenShift Certified Helm Chart Index

March 20, 2024
Red Hat's Helm Chart certification program has made our partner's certified Helm charts instantly accessible for installation via the OpenShift® Console since 2021. Using the OpenShift developer console view, our customers have immediate access to your software, making the deployment and management of that software just a few clicks away.


Red Hat Quay 3.10 is here

January 11, 2024
With Quay 3.10, your customers can benefit from a more secure, convenient, and efficient Quay workflow.
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Updates to Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog

December 5, 2023
Red Hat® Ecosystem Catalog® demonstrates the breadth and depth of Red Hat's extensive partner network. We have made several updates that allow customers and partners to access and use this network easier and faster.


Red Hat OpenShift 4.14 is now generally available

November 28, 2023
Red Hat is proud to announce the release of Red Hat OpenShift 4.14 to help further simplify infrastructure complexities and application development for DevOps and security teams.
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Technical resources

Good practices to generate the best CNF Certification with DCI part 2

November 21, 2023
This post continues providing useful information to address the CNF Certification process.

Technical resources

Keysight Telco Partner Experience: Red Hat Certification for Open RAN SIM CE

The post highlights the benefits of Preflight certification, emphasizes security enhancements, and starts the discussion about cloud-native function (CNF) certification and CNF workloads at Keysight
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Introducing partner co-branding standards

November 15, 2023
Red Hat's new partner handbook provides you with everything you need, whether you’re creating your own marketing materials or collaborating on Red Hat-led materials, including both visual and copy guidelines

Technology certification

Good practices to generate the best CNF Certification with DCI part 1

November 13, 2023
This post aims at specifying how DCI can help you in the road to achieve CNF Certification, understanding what configuration you should provide to DCI to correctly execute CNF Cert Suite and obtain the required (and desired) results.
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Technical resources

Container certification health index grade walkthrough

October 3, 2023
This post explores the two-part process of container testing and validation that is done in order to meet security and support requirements from enterprise customers.