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Why partnership matters in edge computing

May 16, 2023
Red Hat sees edge computing as a natural extension of cloud computing, where applications and data are deployed closer to the edge of the network. Our approach to edge computing is centered on an open, container-based architecture that allows for easy deployment, management, and scaling of edge applications across a diverse range of hardware platforms and environments

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Know Before You Go: Partner Activities at Red Hat Summit 2023

May 15, 2023
Immerse yourself in the full Red Hat Summit experience by discovering new opportunities to learn, collaborate, and engage in our various onsite activities.


Join us for Ecosystem Success Day at Red Hat Summit

May 4, 2023
Red Hat Ecosystem Success Day is almost here! Please be sure to register!


Introducing a new concierge program for partners

April 24, 2023
In an effort to support your alignment with Red Hat messaging, while also enabling you to drive pipeline with co-branded demand generation campaigns, we have launched our partner concierge program with a designated Red Hat marketing agency!  

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Certified product distribution methods: Breaking it down

May 30, 2023
We explore how to alleviate uncertainty on the subject of why or how to utilize on distribution method over another when certifying your container images, Helm charts or operators for OpenShift.

Technical resources

Container Image Registries Changes Part 3 - Consequences

April 24, 2023
This post will explore why it is important to be prepared for changes coming to the Red Hat container image registries.


Go-to-market with New Red Hat Partner Sales Plays

April 3, 2023
New partner sales plays, now available on the Red Hat Content Center (partner login required), offer Red Hat sellers and our partners a strategy and framework to go to market with Red Hat technologies. 
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Container Image Registries Changes Part 2

April 3, 2023
This post will take a deep dive into the changes coming to the Red Hat container registries.
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The Red Hat Ascend Skills Network: Closing the gap

March 22, 2023
The Red Hat® Ascend Skills Network provides Red Hat Partners with a continuous learning and enablement journey that closes the open source skills gap.


Ecosystem Success Day at Red Hat Summit 2023

March 22, 2023
Ecosystem Success Day is a Red Hat Summit event exclusive to active Red Hat Partners that will bring together Red Hatters and partners to connect the power of our ecosystem with the relationships and resources needed to deliver on joint customer success.

Success stories

Red Hat Partner Community Spotlight

March 8, 2023
Our partner, Controles Empresariales from Colombia, has been an active member of partner community activities in the region.  We recently spoke with them about their ongoing commitment to Red Hat and its customers.

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Container image registry changes impacting your customers

March 6, 2023
Starting May 1, 2023 Red Hat will implement changes to our container image registry. Your customers who often pull container images will be impacted by this because they may not be able to download the content after the change goes live.

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Disaster Recovery of Minecraft Server from ROSA to ARO

February 27, 2023
Our goal here is to demonstrate as a partner how you can execute seamless disaster recovery by backing up a Minecraft server in ROSA and restoring it in ARO.

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Introducing Red Hat Partner Subscriptions

February 21, 2023
Introducing Red Hat Partners Subscriptions -- a way to simplify partner access to more Red Hat products and support. These subscriptions combine the benefits of Red Hat partner Not-for-resale (NFR) subscriptions and Red Hat developer subscriptions (developers.redhat.com).
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