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Solve your customers’ challenges with complimentary training and accreditation through the Red Hat Partner Training Portal.

Benefits of the Red Hat Partner Training Portal


Red Hat Training’s commitment to enabling partners

Red Hat Training offers product-based courses focused on successful customer implementations and use cases. Red Hat Training courses are available in the Red Hat Partner Training Portal at no additional cost.

Grow your business

Increase sales, provide better customer service, and deliver Red Hat-related service engagements.

Global availability

60,000+ global accreditations, with content, are available in 8 languages worldwide.

Learn at your own pace

Increase productivity by training on your schedule with online, self-paced training and labs.

Learn anytime, anywhere

Get easy access to our training system via web or mobile devices, using your Red Hat Partner Connect login.

Explore Red Hat interactive labs

Learn about Red Hat® products and technologies with free, step-by-step lessons designed for hands-on practitioners.

Need help navigating training resources?

Let us guide you on your enablement journey. Learn more about the Red Hat Partner Launch Pad.

Get role-based training

Red Hat offers global, role-based partner training to help grow your skills and accreditations to validate your sales and technical expertise. There are multiple ways to train, such as self-paced online and self-paced with lab, video, and classroom training.


Value pitches

Sales qualifications

Competitive positioning

Objection handling


Sales engineer

Technical sales

Objection handling



Product knowledge


Product installations

Application development

Proof-of-concept delivery

Solution architectures

Turning partner feedback into action

Red Hat Product Demo System

Learn how partners can access product demos across the entire Red Hat product portfolio, including multiproduct solutions and full-scripted workshops that can be used to deliver 1- or 2-day experiences for customers.

Red Hat is the best partnership that I've had over the last decade. I think it's a testament to the people and the organizational culture: it is one of enablement.

Joe Dickman

Founder and SVP, Vizuri

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About Red Hat Partner Connect

The Red Hat partner ecosystem is a catalyst for open innovation. It connects partners with a thriving network of companies, expertise, and opportunity. With Red Hat, there are multiple paths to partnership and the flexibility to adapt as your business needs change. We work to help you achieve financial success on your terms.

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