Red Hat partner deal registration

Expand your business with deal registration

Red Hat’s deal registration offering provides partners additional benefits when the partner identifies new Red Hat business opportunities and engages in pre-sales activities.

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Deal registration is important for both Red Hat and our partners. It helps us expand relationships with new and existing customers; and introduces us to new opportunities of which Red Hat is not currently aware. For partners, it rewards you for bringing in new leads and proactively reduces potential conflict in the sales channel.

Rewards and benefits

Improve your deal margins by having opportunities that can be adjusted in size and scope.

Deal protection that guarantees Red Hat will not introduce other partners to the registered deal.

Pricing model provides leverage against competitors.

Receive up-front discounts for registering and closing new business deals.

Deal registration guides

Partner deal registration benefits vary across different regions. Please consult the applicable regional guide below for details and instructions about the benefits available in your location. Login is required to access these guides.

Deal registration process

Process step 1

The partner logs into the Red Hat Partner Portal.

Process step 2

The partner then submits a deal registration lead.

Process step 3

Red Hat reviews the lead details to determine if the deal can be approved.

Deal Registration process step 4

Once approved, an email is sent to the partner and the lead is converted into an opportunity.

Deal Registration process step 5

Partner will receive a quote reflecting the discount reward.

New business awaits

Affiliated Red Hat partners have the ability to inform Red Hat of new business opportunities by submitting leads using the deal registration form. Once the leads are submitted and approved, you can begin enjoying the rewards and benefits of our program, including increased margins and pricing protection.

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