Red Hat Solution Provider Program

Sell differently to grow your business

The Red Hat Solution Provider Program enables partners to resell Red Hat technology—along with knowledge and professional/operational service offerings—to design, plan and implement industry-leading open source and hybrid cloud solutions that differentiate and grow your business and generate revenue.

Benefits of the Red Hat Solution Provider Program


Deliver based on customer demand

Whether for the datacenter, hybrid cloud, big data, or other IT use cases, customers need reliable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions. Red Hat has a proven track record of confidently delivering on this customer demand.

Sell differently to boost revenue

Red Hat invests in partnerships to succeed and strengthen our collective future. We help our partners grow their business, build revenue streams, access new markets, create long-term relationships, engage with customers, and find upsell opportunities.

Gain skills and expertise

Generate more opportunities with sought-after skills that can add to your company’s expertise with Red Hat’s tools, training, technical resources, and extensive knowledge—all provided as a membership benefit.

Offer established, trusted technology

Our open source technologies are proven in the enterprise. For all your customers’ business challenges, Red Hat offers a range of products and support to help them stay competitive and meet market demand.

Sales and technical training

As part of the Red Hat Solution Provider Program, you get access to our comprehensive sales and technical training, helpful marketing and sales tools, and reliable support. Deliver innovative open source technology and valuable expertise to customers.

Smart sales strategies

Get everything you need to build customer trust and renew revenue streams through:

  • A subscription model built for predictable revenue and increased profitability

  • Straightforward pricing that lets you focus your budget on what matters most

  • Marketing resources that get you to market faster and more efficiently

  • New and ongoing service opportunities

Red Hat is one of our most important partnerships and this award validated the work we have been doing to help our customers realize the value and flexibility of open source solutions.

Brad Kovacik

Vice President of Commercial Sales, Shadow-Soft

Build and grow with Red Hat

Build better, together

We work together to ensure your products and solutions are built right and ready for customers. You’ll have access to our software, documentation, certification standards and team support, so you can create your own integrated solutions or build flexible hybrid cloud solutions to help find new opportunities, stay competitive and meet market demand.

Grow your service offerings

We provide technologies, training and tools to standardize and extend high-value services in any customer environment. You can service with confidence to cultivate trust, grow deeper relationships and expand in newer markets, all with our trusted expertise and resources.

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The Red Hat partner ecosystem is a catalyst for open innovation. It connects partners with a thriving network of companies, expertise, and opportunity. With Red Hat, there are multiple paths to partnership and the flexibility to adapt as your business needs change. We work to help you achieve financial success on your terms.

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