Delivering hosted and managed services to your customers

The Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider (CCSP) Program enables your company to increase revenue and profitability by delivering hosted or managed services based on Red Hat’s industry-leading Kubernetes and Linux® open source technologies along with hybrid cloud professional services.


The CCSP program offers partners benefits that enable you to grow your business with Red Hat technologies. The key reasons a partner should join the CCSP program include the ability to:

Accelerate innovation, with security and flexibility

Respond faster to market conditions with open source technology. Red Hat provides secure, flexible offerings with leading support and expertise.

Partner with an industry leader

Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of enterprise open source solutions including: Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, Red Hat OpenShift®, and Red Hat Ansible® Automation platform.

Increase revenue and profitability

By 2024, 63% of IT spend will be on cloud. You will be able to offer differentiated cloud and managed services and deliver high margin professional services.

Improve customer retention

Award-winning customer support tools can help you deliver secure, compliant services.

Business opportunities for CCSP partners

Partners have many ways to grow their business with Red Hat technologies:

Help enterprises be more agile with a multi-cloud, container development platform

Enterprises are quickly moving to container-based applications and cloud services to increase agility and flexibility. They are also embracing multi-cloud strategies to avoid lock-in. Red Hat offers the industry’s leading multi-cloud, container platform, Red Hat OpenShift, that partners can offer as a managed cloud service to address regional compliance, performance and security requirements.

Help customers modernize legacy applications

The vast majority of IT is legacy applications based on monolithic application architectures. Enterprises need assistance to determine which legacy applications should be refactored or rewritten and how to integrate and automate new container-based applications with legacy applications. Partners can use Red Hat’s offerings, professional services and training courses to help enterprises modernize their legacy applications with open source solutions.


Help enterprises migrate on-premises Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Red Hat OpenShift to the cloud

There is a large, installed base of enterprises using Red Hat Enterprise Linux on-premise, a number that you can help grow by facilitating conversations about migrating from CentOS Linux to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. There are also thousands of enterprises using Red Hat OpenShift on-premise. The shift to cloud creates a significant opportunity for partners to help enterprises migrate Red Hat Enterprise Linux and OpenShift on-premise environments to the cloud. Enterprises need assistance to determine which applications should move to the cloud, which type of cloud (private, public or managed) should be used for each application, should they be working with multiple public cloud vendors, and which applications should be rewritten or refactored. This presents partners with an opportunity to offer professional and managed cloud services to assist enterprises with their migration.

Offer managed edge services with unified management

As edge computing is becoming more widely adopted, enterprises are looking for edge solutions that are operationally efficient, meet security and compliance requirements, provide flexible consumption, and are based on cloud services. Partners can offer edge services based on Red Hat OpenShift, a widely accepted solution that meets these requirements and offers a complete container development environment.

Offer dedicated or multi-tenant managed services

Many Red Hat technologies can be offered as either a dedicated environment to meet strict privacy and security requirements, or as a multi-tenant solution that can be safely shared across multiple end customers.

Offer Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OpenShift application services or data services as managed services

Red Hat’s portfolio offers partners the opportunity to deliver open-source based managed cloud services for infrastructure, container management platform, application services and data services.

CCSP benefits

On-demand, flexible pricing

Consumption-based pricing helps you move your customers to a flexible pricing model

Premium technical support

Maximize customer retention with 24/7 premium support, and access to Red Hat’s award-winning customer portal

Management tools

Access to tools to ensure your Red Hat managed services are stable, secure and compliant

Marketing enablement

Access partner-ready marketing content, market development funds, listing in Red Hat partner catalog and more

Red Hat Training and Certification

A wide variety of courses and paths are available to partners in the Red Hat Partner Training Portal

Discounts on Red Hat consulting services

Partners are eligible for discounts on Red Hat consulting services, depending on your partner level

CCSP Programs

Accelerate Red Hat Openshift Adoption with Cloud Service Providers

Whether your customers are rewriting existing traditional applications to be cloud-native applications, developing new cloud-native applications, or deploying containerized packaged applications, offering Red Hat OpenShift as-a-service expands the value of your existing managed Red Hat Enterprise Linux services.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Expansion Program for Cloud Service Providers

Some of the biggest challenges of managing multiple Linux environments include high costs, inefficiency, complexity, and potential security and service quality issues. This program helps partners migrate from other Linux distributions to Red Hat Enterprise Linux with a unique pricing model, professional services tools and expertise, and technical training focused on how to manage the Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment.

Ansible Automation Platform for Cloud Service Providers

With Red Hat Ansible® Automation Platform, CCSP partners reduce operational cost, improve security, and meet compliance requirements for managed services. Ansible addresses key automation use cases across the enterprise such as network, security, cloud and edge automation.

CCSP partner feature: Telefonica Tech

Telefonica Tech picked Red Hat OpenShift as a managed service to offer a complete modern application platform to their customers.

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