Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider Program

Expand and grow your cloud and managed services

The Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider (CCSP) Program helps enterprise IT organizations use cloud technologies to lower costs, improve operational flexibility, and stay ahead of the competition. The Red Hat CCSP Program gives partners the ability to expand the trusted cloud services they provide to customers. CCSP partners can deliver managed services on hybrid and multicloud deployments using products already in their datacenters—accompanied by Red Hat’s award-winning technical support.

Benefits of the Red Hat CCSP Program


Pricing and deployment models that are flexible allow you to customize your cloud infrastructure and services.


Have the compliant ability to offer Red Hat solutions in the cloud or as a managed service.


Count on technologies and tools that support your business to simplify cloud infrastructure operation and management.


Gain access to the latest enterprise open source technologies and innovations without security or stability risks.

A partnership to rely on

Red Hat’s CCSP program lets you build new cloud and managed service revenue streams using the technologies your customers demand. This global program offers the flexibility, support and access you need to deliver services quickly and effectively with your organization’s existing processes.

Why partner with Red Hat?

A CCSP program partnership with Red Hat will help you cultivate long-term relationships with existing customers and build opportunities in newer markets.

Success story: Cathay Pacific

See how we partnered with Cathay Pacific to migrate to a hybrid cloud solution, lower costs and make more room for innovation within their organization.

Our Certified Cloud and Service Provider program is designed to encompass nearly all service provider models, spanning the public cloud to on-site management services, offering customers a secure, stable and trusted partner ecosystem to build their next-generation projects using Red Hat solutions.

Michael Ferris
Vice President, Product Marketing, Red Hat

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