Red Hat Embedded Program

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As a Red Hat embedded partner, you will gain access to tools and business models that simplify incorporation of Red Hat technology into your solutions. Ultimately, this will allow you to deliver your products directly to your end customers using enterprise-grade, tested, and certified Red Hat software while maintaining control of the client experience.

Why do partners choose to embed Red Hat technology?

A need for secure and stable systems

Faster development time-to-market

Support for industry or customer standards

Customers with limited IT staff need turnkey solutions

Red Hat is proud to offer the most comprehensive portfolio for embedding the technology that applies to all industry verticals. Some key examples include:

Oil and gas

A solution to accelerate digital transformation while leveraging OpenShift

Financial services

A turnkey banking system with Red Hat Enterprise Linux - especially useful for smaller banks


A stable, stateful and secure solution by embedding Red Hat Enterprise Linux


An industry-changing railroad Positive Train Control (PTC) solution built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and open standards for accident prevention


A solution for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) solutions built on trusted Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Program features

Why partner with Red Hat?

  • Focus on customer needs without worrying about the infrastructure

  • Grow your business and sell differently by going to market with end-to-end product solutions designed to build revenue streams and create long-term relationships

  • Red Hat’s expert support is available to back you up when needed

  • Certify, bundle, and support your solutions with confidence with our world-class support and security technologies

Red Hat Partner Schlumberger built a solution that provided global access to Schlumberger’s leading exploration and production (E&P) cloud-based environment and cognitive applications by leveraging IBM’s hybrid cloud technology, built on the Red Hat OpenShift container platform.
Learn how the partnership between Hansen and Red Hat has enabled Hansen to enhance their infrastructure and provide an underlying foundation to deliver quality services to their customers.