Generate subscriptions and services revenue by facilitating customer migrations

When CentOS Linux® is officially retired on June 30, 2024, your customers who use that platform will no longer receive new features, patches, or security updates. By helping your customers move from CentOS Linux to Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, you can open up new opportunities to grow your business while helping your customers alleviate potential security and compliance challenges.

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Access Red Hat Content Center to start migration conversations with your customers today

With an extensive collection of curated digital assets, Red Hat Content Center is your one-stop resource for migration enablement materials. After using your Red Hat Partner Connect login to access, your selling, marketing, and technical teams can quickly and easily find the content needed to support conversations about migrating from CentOS Linux to Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

If you’re having issues accessing Red Hat Content Center, we have help and support resources to assist you.

Customer story

Salesforce transitions from CentOS Linux to
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9

The company is migrating over 200,000 systems to streamline IT operations and enhance customer experiences.

US $500 million
Red Hat-estimated market opportunity for CentOS Linux migration in 2024

US $138 billion
Predicted Red Hat Enterprise Linux ecosystem revenue by 20261

7x Return on investment
for organizations who use Red Hat Enterprise Linux2

Identify potential migration paths based on your customers’ needs

When you connect with your customers to detail the benefits of migrating from CentOS Linux to Red Hat Enterprise Linux, you can share multiple migration options. Our enablement materials can help offer guidance and recommendations on standardizing on Red Hat Enterprise Linux as part of reevaluating their full environment.

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By assisting customers in moving from CentOS Linux on-premise to Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the cloud, you can provide professional services geared toward simplifying, managing, and maintaining complex environments.

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You can capitalize on the fast-growing public cloud infrastructure and tap into the unpaid Linux market by helping customers move from CentOS Linux in the cloud to Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the cloud.

For customers for whom managing their own data center estate is critical, you can aid them in transitioning from CentOS Linux on-premise to Red Hat Enterprise Linux on-premise.

Take the next step in helping your customers migrate

The retirement of CentOS Linux offers unique opportunities for you to increase revenue by assisting your customers in migrating to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. We have all the resources you need to begin these migration conversations with your customers as quickly as possible.
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