Red Hat Ecosystem Solutions

Line of business managers have taken charge of IT decision making. Now – solutions are the key to new opportunities. Enter: Red Hat® Ecosystem Solutions. A dynamic framework to develop and market joint solutions that attract customers’ attention and increase sales.

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Solutions criteria

Each solution must adhere to a specific set of criteria in order to work with Red Hat. The key criteria are:

Solves a well-defined specific business problem to deliver outcome-based results to an identified market

Makes it clear who has the ability and responsibility to design, deploy, and support the solution, ensuring customer success

Includes and leverages Red Hat products or services integral to the solution

Develops once to deliver to many customers

Incorporates a partner’s intellectual property and/or subject matter expertise

IDC* states in their studies that partners should focus on their specific niche and be authentic. To provide business relevant solutions, we need teamwork to design, develop, and support end-to-end solutions. Red Hat Ecosystem Solutions can deliver this. With Solutions, you and Red Hat will team up to develop and document solutions that meet customers' evolving needs.

How it works

Red Hat Ecosystem Solutions assesses the current state of your IP, identifies potential solutions, and reviews customer buying patterns if there is a solution available. Together, we assess your current status to determine how to help you. 

The driver for each developed solution is the specific business problem that is being solved. Partners combine industry expertise and/or intellectual property (IP), along with required technology components to form a solution offering. This structured packaging of a complete solution offering that solves a known business problem allows partners to target those customers and industries that are experiencing the problems they can help solve. 

If you have a solution, we can help you promote your offering by developing a co-branded, joint-solution brief with you.

Ready for a solution? Find out if you have everything you need to begin. 

What makes the ideal Solutions partner?

  • Subject matter expertise/IP in a given industry vertical or horizontal
  • Can demonstrate a successful track record in a given industry
  • Willing to participate in a partner-led sales methodology
  • In-house marketing team to support GTM efforts
  • Desire to differentiate based on your own value proposition
  • Experience with Red Hat technology (preferred, not required)

Benefits of Red Hat Ecosystem Solutions

Solution identification and assembly assistance

Technical and marketing resources to support your efforts

Go-to-market enablement, development and guidance

Solution promotion to Red Hat sales, Ecosystem partners and direct market outreach

Potential MDF funding to activate your go-to-market

Solution development to sales readiness in 90 days or less

Explore all the new features of the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog

Red Hat® Ecosystem Catalog® is where customers go to discover partner capabilities and solutions, and our new updates have made the catalog even easier to use. Learn more about how you can make the most of the new functionality.

Join our collaborative ecosystem of partners and expand your business opportunities with the Red Hat Ecosystem Solutions today.

  • *IDC, Channels and Alliances Predictions, 2021 and Beyond, Jun 2021 - Market Perspective - Doc # US47839621