Red Hat Partner Subscriptions

Red Hat Partner Subscriptions (replacing Not-For-Resale Subscriptions or NFRs) are complementary and simplified no-cost Red Hat subscriptions that partners can utilize for this comprehensive set of use cases: team software development, testing, internal training, demonstrations, promotional use, and more.

What’s included


  • One no-cost base self-support SKU with access to all Red Hat product families
  • Partners can access any product combination up to 500 entitlements


  • Qualified partners1 get complimentary Red Hat standard support for five contacts
  • Red Hat Partner support subscription - premium (24/7) and additional Red Hat partner support subscription - Standard (business hours) are available for purchase

Use cases

  • Comprehensive use cases: team development, testing, demo, training, certification
  • Access to Red Hat Knowledgebase, updates, how-to’s, all versions, etc


  • One-year subscription term with package updates and errata links; access to all versions, variants, and add-ons of Red Hat software generally released
  • Can be used on-premise and cloud based systems

Use cases covered by subscriptions

Partner Subscriptions enable our partners to successfully utilize and support Red Hat products across essential use cases.2

Development use

Development use consists of the activities set forth in the Red Hat Partner Subscriptions agreement based on the Red Hat software products, and includes the creation of software that functions as either an extension to or an integration with a Red Hat Product, such as Red Hat OpenShift operators or Red Hat Ansible integrations.

Promotional use

Includes the use of Red Hat subscriptions to promote or demonstrate partners’ compatible or certified products with Red Hat products.

Internal training use

Partners learning to implement or integrate Red Hat technologies can use partner subscriptions for training and enabling internal employees only. These subscriptions cannot be used for customer training or for any commercial purpose.

Available products

A list of the eligible Red Hat products* is provided below. All product versions, variants, architectures, and betas are included in a Red Hat partner subscription.

See full list

  • Hybrid platforms
    • Red Hat® Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes
    • Red Hat® Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes
    • Red Hat® Openshift® Container Platform
    • Red Hat® Openshift® Data Foundations 
    • Red Hat® OpenStack® Platform
    • Red Hat® Quay®
  • Automation
    • Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform
  • Operating system
    • Red Hat® Enterprise Linux
    • Red Hat® Satellite
  • Application services
    • Red Hat® Application Foundations  (replaces Red Hat Integration; includes AMQ, streams for Apache Kafka, API Management, Red Hat Runtimes)
    • Red Hat® Runtimes (includes EAP, Web Server, Data Grid, Quarkus, SSO)
    • Red Hat® JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform
  • Storage
    • Red Hat® Ceph® Storage (for OpenStack® use-case only)

Hear what our partners are saying about Partner Subscriptions

Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB [Red Hat Product Subscriptions] simplified the experience for our team to access Red Hat software and support when building environments for education and client demonstrations which are key things that our technical team do on a regular basis.

Talor Holloway


Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB This has been one of the best early release programs I have been on. This has completely changed the outlook on our partner subscription and how we request and maintain them. Please keep this program, and expand on it. Keep up the amazing work!

Chris Reed

Design Sales Engineer

Additional resources


Red Hat offers standard and premium support add-ons for the Red Hat Partner Subscription. For qualified partners standard support for 5 people able to submit support cases is complimentary. If you desire additional standard support contacts or need premium support you can purchase the support add-on sku's through the Red Hat store.


Requesting Partner Subscriptions

This link provides a thorough explanation of the process of making a request or asking for a renewal.

  1. Qualified partners are Premier, Advance, Ready partners, and technology partners that have a certified product. CCSP (Certified Cloud and Service Provider) partners should utilize CCSP Software Subscriptions found on the CCSP page.

  2. Labs, staging and pre-production deployment are not covered