Deploying Microsoft SQL Server onto Minishift

Microsoft has recently published SQL Server into the Red Hat Container Catalog as a certified container image. This is a great achievement for us as the Red Hat Ecosystem team has been working with Microsoft for over a year to make this happen.

Dynamic IP Address Management in Open Virtual Network (OVN): Part One

In this tutorial, we’ll examine dynamic addressing in OVN. You will learn about IP address management (IPAM) options in OVN and how to apply them. Read More

Introducing Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13

In this blog post, Nir Yechiel, Principal Product Manager, Red Hat discusses the five biggest and most exciting networking features found in this latest release.

Unleash powerful Linux container-building capabilities with Buildah

If you build it too big, people complain because it takes too long to download – especially for quick and dirty projects or demos. This is where Buildah comes in.

What's New With Kubernetes?

Kubernetes Project released version 1.12 - delivering TLS bootstrapping, a maturing story around scaling, and better multitenancy. Read this blog 

Installing OpenShift Container Platform using Ansible

OpenShift Container Platform 3.10 was recently released, and you may have noticed that the Quick Installation method has disappeared from the 

Thinking about containers? Here are some reasons why you should containerize your apps.

It is now possible, with a few simple commands, to distribute applications in pre-built container images that can be downloaded and run in their own isolated environment. This lets developers deliver their software to users faster.

The Open Container Project (OCP)

Red Hat advocates for open standards to increase the value of the container ecosystem, by participating in the Open Container Project (OCP). Read more...

Red Hat Software Collections 2 - now generally available

Red Hat today announced the general availability of Red Hat Software Collections 2 (RHSCL), its latest installment of stable open source web development tools, dynamic languages and databases delivered on a separate lifecycle from Red Hat Enterprise Linux.