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Red Hat ISV Partner Enablement Learning Paths for EMEA

As your software products and applications move to a Cloud-ready world, Red Hat is standing alongside you with the tools, technologies and support to guarantee your success in this new world.

Navigating government’s digital transformation - E-Book

Government IT is undergoing a fundamental transformation in how it operates, engages, and serves citizens.

Bridging the Gap: 4 Examples to Make Open Source Real - Vizuri Blog

To make open source technologies accessible to any organization, Vizuri creates solution briefs in collaboration with the Red Hat Partner Solution Initiative to help bring these technologies to life at organizations making the move toward modern software architecture.

Red Hat Global Customer Tech Outlook 2019

For the fifth consecutive year, we reached out to our customers to hear where they are in their technology journey and where they want to go in 2019.

Top 10 Reasons to Be a Red Hat Technology Partner

Red Hat’s investment in the partner model is built into our DNA.  The company itself was founded on the premise of an open, collaborative community striving to reach common goals and vision.  When our partners succeed, we all succeed.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux for ARM: Now supported on AWS

If there’s one thing that the past several years of IT evolution have taught us, it’s that choice is king.

Make Your Ansible Playbooks Flexible, Maintainable, and Scalable

Hear from Jeff Geerling, Senior Technical Architect at Acquia as he discusses builing Ansible Playbooks to automate many things: SaaS products, a cluster of Raspberry Pi's, a home automation system, even his own computers!

Deploying Microsoft SQL Server onto Minishift

Microsoft has recently published SQL Server into the Red Hat Container Catalog as a certified container image. This is a great achievement for us as the Red Hat Ecosystem team has been working with Microsoft for over a year to make this happen.

Dynamic IP Address Management in Open Virtual Network (OVN): Part One

In this tutorial, we’ll examine dynamic addressing in OVN. You will learn about IP address management (IPAM) options in OVN and how to apply them. Read More