Red Hat Ansible Automation Certification

Your customers are already using Ansible, and they’re looking for supported ways to expand and govern their Ansible automation—including integrations with your products. Develop and publish Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform certified content.


Expand your reach and integrate with your solution with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.

Red Hat Partner Connect helps you tap into a large and active community of Ansible customers and users.

As a partner, you can build and publish content through Ansible Content Collections available on Ansible automation hub.

Ansible Content Collections

Red Hat Ansible Certified Content focuses on what to automate, while Ansible validated content helps customers learn how to automate. There are two options available.

Red Hat Ansible Certified Content Collections

Integrate your product with Ansible Automation Platform

Red Hat Ansible Certified Content contains fully-supported roles and modules that are enterprise- and production-ready for use in our customers' environments.

By building and publishing Red Hat Certified Content, you can help Ansible Automation Platform customers introduce automation into your product, resulting in a better customer experience for them and fewer Ansible-related support issues for you.

Red Hat Ansible Certified Content is supported by both Red Hat and our partners.

Red Hat Ansible Certified Content Collections are published in both Ansible automation hub as well as Galaxy.

Ansible validated content

Offer an expert-guided path for operations and tasks

Ansible validated content provides Ansible customers with a trusted, expert-guided approach for performing foundational operations and tasks in your product.

The goal of Ansible validated content is to provide our customers with best practices to improve configuration consistency and performance when using your solution. Because it is built by Red Hat and our partners and curated by Red Hat, it is more trusted and reliable than community content.

Ansible validated content is customizable in nature, so it is not supported by Red Hat or our partners.

Existing partners should contact their Partner Account Manager for more information on how to contribute Ansible validated content.

Benefits of partnering with Red Hat Ansible

Direct access to Ansible user ecosystem

Publishing to automation hub places your content in the largest catalog of premium Ansible content and gives you access to the largest group of Ansible users anywhere. In addition, both certified and validated content is digitally signed by Red Hat, creating a secure chain-of-custody to establish added confidence and trust with our customers.

Fewer Ansible-related support issues

In addition to the quality of the content you create, you can reduce the overall impact on your customer support team. Red Hat attaches a digital signature to your certified and validated collections so that our customers can verify, consume, and share your content knowing that it is trusted by Red Hat and free from malicious code or tampering.

Co-market with Red Hat

We work with our partners to co-market their Ansible certified or validated content through a variety of channels including blogs, whitepapers, webinars, web promotions, and more.

Enable migration to Ansible Automation Platform

Learn more about the benefits of Ansible Automation Platform compared to community Ansible. From there, gain the tools you need to migrate customers to Ansible Automation Platform.

3 steps to Ansible certification


Join the Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners program


Review and accept the terms in the Ansible certification appendix.


Develop an Ansible Content Collection and publish to Automation Hub. (requires login)

For any further assistance with these steps , please contact us

Learn More about Ansible Automation

The business value of Red Hat Ansible Automation

Adapting to change is critical for competing in today’s digital world. Manually performing routine tasks and complicated processes eats up time and money. Automation can make the difference between keeping pace with customer demand and falling behind.

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The partner opportunity for Red Hat Ansible

As the automation environment expands and becomes mission-critical, the right platform is needed to run, control and manage it. Check out this study from Forrester that looks at the value and benefits of the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.
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Community to Enterprise Migration

We’ve created a repository of content and tools in Red Hat Content Center to help your enablement journey. Discover the benefits of Ansible Automation Platform compared to community Ansible and how to migrate.

Documentation and Resources


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