Red Hat Ansible Automation Certification

Your customers are already using Ansible, and they’re looking for supported ways to expand and govern their Ansible automation—including integrations with your products. Develop and publish Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform certified content.


What is Ansible?

Ansible is a simple automation language that can perfectly describe an IT application infrastructure. It’s easy-to-learn, self-documenting, and doesn’t require a graduate-level computer science degree to read.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Certification

A Red Hat Ansible Automation Certification is a shared statement of support for certified Ansible collections between Red Hat and ecosystem partners. Partners can build, certify, and publish content to deliver Ansible Content Collections through Automation Hub on Ansible Automation Platform.

Benefits of Red Hat Ansible Automation Certification


Access to Ansible users

Publishing to Ansible Galaxy and Automation Hub places your content in the largest catalog of Ansible content and gives partners access to the largest group of Ansible users anywhere.

Support coverage

Customers using certified content can open a Red Hat support ticket—reducing Ansible support calls to your customer support team.

Comarket with Red Hat

Red Hat will work with Certified Partners to comarket their certified Ansible content through blogs, webinars, and web promotion.

Let's get started

3 steps to Ansible certification

Step 1

Join the Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners program

Step 2

Review and accept the terms in the Ansible certification appendix.

Step 3

Develop an Ansible Content Collection and publish to Automation Hub. (requires login)

For any further assistance with these steps , please contact us

Learn More about Ansible Automation

The business value of Red Hat Ansible Automation

Adapting to change is critical for competing in today’s digital world. Manually performing routine tasks and complicated processes eats up time and money. Automation can make the difference between keeping pace with customer demand and falling behind.

The Value of Red Hat Ansible Subscription

As the automation environment expand and becomes mission-critical, the right platform is needed to run, control and manage it. Trusted content and a supported automation platform are essential.

The partner opportunity for Red Hat Ansible

As the automation environment expands and becomes mission-critical, the right platform is needed to run, control and manage it. Check out this study from Forrester that looks at the value and benefits of the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.

Documentation and Resources


Choosing an automation tool - when to use Ansible, Helm, or Kubernetes Operators

This e-book dives into explanations of how each option works for this, what to automate and the benefits of each tool.