Choosing an automation tool - when to use Ansible, Helm, or Kubernetes Operators


With several choices available for  software developers and vendors to automate IT infrastructure, networking, solutions, and more, the big questions become:

  1. Why automate?
  2. Which tool do I use?

According to IDC, lack of automation is the principal detriment to developer productivity1

This e-book dives into explanations of how each option works for this, what to automate and the benefits of each tool. Some of those benefits include:

  • Addressing the increasing software complexity that creates expectations for a high level of integration with internal and external systems. 
  • Running software on premise or in public and private clouds to optimize costs and performance.
  • Increasing software consumer satisfaction by improving the experience of installing and operating software.

  1. IDC, PaaSView and the Developer 2021: Worldwide and Regional Pivot Tables, Doc # US48094321, July 2021

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