Extend customer capabilities with automation from Red Hat Ansible Inside

Some of your customers may be interested in simple automation functionality within their applications, but may not have the infrastructure or management budget to use Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform. For those customers, Red Hat Ansible Inside offers a way to embed Ansible Playbook execution inside their application by using a subset of Ansible Automation Platform components.

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Empower your customers to implement a scalable turnkey automation option

Red Hat Ansible Inside uses a software development kit that allows application teams to integrate Ansible automation for customers without platform overhead. This approach gives your customers the ability to develop, monitor, and manage applications across a complex infrastructure without adding to their IT department’s workload.

Ansible Inside also provides durable automation options, putting you in position to help customers explore and take advantage of the many automation benefits and core capabilities that Ansible Automation Platform provides.


Enable access to more capabilities that help your customers tap into the extensive Ansible ecosystem


Gain efficiencies with a simple, cost-effective licensing model that delivers automation through Ansible Inside in your application


Allow your customers to free up developers to develop core applications by leaving automation challenges to the experts


See Ansible Inside in use

Guise.ai has embedded Ansible Inside into its no-code edge management platform—Armada AI—to allow customers to build and scale rapidly.

Access technical resources

The Customer Portal has the latest documentation, security advisories, and support options designed to help application teams get the most out of our automation offerings.

Get a partner perspective

Find out more about the inner workings of and sample use cases for Ansible Inside from a partner standpoint.


What type of partner is eligible?

You must be an existing partner of the Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider (CCSP) Program. Additionally, you must be a partner who has a software application that you are going to embed Ansible Inside within and you must be responsible for providing metric usage information. This offering is only available through the Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service Provider (CCSP) Program.

What is included in Ansible Inside?

Ansible Inside is composed of the following components:

  • Ansible SDK
  • Executor
  • Automation execution environments
  • Execution environment builder
  • Ansible Core
  • Automation content navigator
  • Automation mesh

For more context about these components, check out the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform overview.

What is not included in Ansible Inside?

This offering does not include Red Hat Insights, automation controller, or Ansible automation hub. Ansible Inside also does not offer credential management or integration, logging, role-based access control, audit, content management, or additional Red Hat hosted services.

Should I consider Ansible Automation Platform or Ansible Inside?

If you are an enterprise customer seeking turnkey automation from an enterprise-ready platform, Ansible Automation Platform may be the right option for your needs. If you are a Red Hat partner who resells or packages a software application that would benefit from automation capabilities, Ansible Inside is likely the best fit for you.

As a managed services provider, could I use Ansible Inside to add automation to my customers’ infrastructure?

Yes, you could use Ansible Inside to execute Ansible within your management application to automate your customers’ infrastructures. If you do not have a management application that would be the control layer, you should consider licensing Ansible Automation Platform to manage your customers’ environments.

As a network management solution provider, could I use Ansible Inside to upgrade Red Hat Enterprise Linux machines?

Yes, you could use Ansible Inside to automate the upgrading, patching, and configuring of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux nodes, making it easier to monitor, network, and return metrics to a cloud application.

As a developer, how would I use Ansible Inside vs. Ansible Automation Platform?

Ansible Inside allows you to natively call Ansible automation from directly within your application, eliminating the need for an automation platform.