Marco Randria
Product Manager
Marco manages software and cloud certification for Red Hat Partners. His goal is to offer customers trusted solutions based on the Partner and Red Hat ecosystem. He is in close relation with Red Hat Product teams to maintain and constantly improve the certification experience and to deploy the latest tools and services. He is based in Prague, Czech Republic.

Articles by Marco Randria

image builder

Technical resources

Build/Deploy custom RHEL images on Microsoft Azure cloud platform

November 17, 2022
This post discusses the Red Hat best practice to efficiently use and set up Image Builder for deploying and certifying custom images on Azure. Azure is pushing the use of this tool, and we would like to make Partners aware that those custom images are already certifiable through the process that will be described in this blog.

System integrators

A new certification experience for Partners

April 9, 2024
We created a Product Centric Workflow to improve the certification process. The new process will simplify workflows related to managing your products and certification by introducing an interface that revolves around the Partner Product.