Andrea Battaglia
Head of Business Development for Edge Computing - EMEA Ecosystem
Andrea joined Red Hat in January 2015 and currently leads the Business Development of the Edge Computing Ecosystem in the EMEA region. Andrea is the creator and leader of the Red Hat Hackfest initiative. Andrea’s mission is to help customers solve their business and technical challenges together with the Red Hat Partner Ecosystem in the Edge Computing space, incubating solutions, and going to market together. Andrea is also a Digital transformation expert with a strong technical background, thanks to his previous roles as Tech Lead of EMEA Services for Digital Transformation and EMEA Ecosystem Development Manager for Digital transformation and Edge Computing. Andrea Is an animal, sport, and food lover, passionate about food and hungry for business and technical knowledge.

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Why partnership matters in edge computing

May 16, 2023
Red Hat sees edge computing as a natural extension of cloud computing, where applications and data are deployed closer to the edge of the network. Our approach to edge computing is centered on an open, container-based architecture that allows for easy deployment, management, and scaling of edge applications across a diverse range of hardware platforms and environments