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Red Hat is motivated to assist companies who are seeking to develop, test, certify and support their products and solutions on and with the Red Hat portfolio of products and technologies.

Our program is designed to support a strong ecosystem of companies that are building customer ready software, hardware and cloud-based solutions for some of the most innovative and scalable customers needs across the world.

Red Hat Partner Connect for technology partners is a program designed for:

Software Vendors (SV):

Software vendors who build commercial software applications generally available for resale independent of their customer delivery model (e.g.: stand-alone, software-as-a-service, containerized software, cloud hosted software, virtualized software etc.). These companies may build commercial applications (industry specific or cross-industry), middleware applications, infrastructure or firmware applications, operating system and database applications or software tools as enabling technology. These SV’s have an opportunity to align their software products with Red Hat technology to provide a better product for their target customers.

Hardware Vendors (HV):

Hardware Vendors who build components (IHV), systems (OEM), and devices (ODM) that have software compatibility and integration dependencies may qualify for program membership. Many of Red Hat’s original technology partners were OEM’s or systems vendors looking to certify their products on the market leading Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system. With the expansion of Red Hat’s product portfolio, these companies may now integrate and validate their hardware products with market leading Red Hat solutions, providing a comprehensive stack to our mutual customers.

Systems Integrators (SI):

Systems Integrators that create material commercial technology services, may qualify for RHC4TP program membership. A deployment may consist of software, hardware, networks and hybrid IT installations and span multiple affiliated functions like technical consulting, training, application provisioning and overall system management. The RHC4TP program enables SI’s to align with Red Hat technology and best practices where applicable.

Cloud Service Providers & Hosting Companies (CSP):

Cloud Service Providers and Hosting Companies may qualify for RHC4TP program membership. As software vendor applications and enterprise customer workloads get increasingly migrated to off-premise cloud hosted platforms, CSP’s that provide these Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms become critical players for application hosting and delivery. Red Hat will work with these companies to build and certify their IaaS, PaaS and SaaS platforms using Red Hat “Tried Tested Trusted” technology.