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Red Hat is motivated to assist companies who are seeking to develop, test, certify and support their products and solutions on and with the Red Hat portfolio of products and technologies.

Our program is designed to support a strong ecosystem of companies that are building customer ready software, hardware and cloud-based solutions for some of the most innovative and scalable customers needs across the world.

Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners is a program designed for:

Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s)

From startups to global leaders in their industry, ISV’s realize that Red Hat’s customer reach, open platforms and trusted brand are a primary destination to deliver their commercial solutions. 

ISVs work with Red Hat to develop and test their software with Red Hat products and then certify that the resulting solution is supportable for customer use in commercialized, production environments.  We work with ISV’s who are seeking to deliver their solutions across all delivery types; from on-premise solutions, public cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services or seeking to develop, deploy and manage their software solutions in Red Hat’s Certified Container environment.

Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners provides the tools, relationships and guidance to make sure that software solutions are not only certified, but also seen and discovered by customers across the globe.

Commercial Hardware Vendors (IHVs and OEMs)

Red Hat has a long-standing tradition of working closely with global hardware manufacturers across a variety of industries and geographies, as well as catering to the unique needs of specialized solutions serviced by more boutique organizations.

IHVs and OEMs work with Red Hat to develop on and test their drivers, plugins and hardware solutions with Red Hat products and then certify that the resulting solution is supportable for customer use in production environments. Certification for IHVs may be a mixed of partner self-certified and Red Hat certified solutions.

Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners provides a scalable program and process to involve hardware manufacturers in the testing and certification of a variety of Red Hat products including Red Hat Enterprise Linux – and includes all of these results and product listings in our certified solutions catalog.

Cloud and Managed Service Providers

Many companies are moving toward cloud-based delivery of their solutions via a variety of infrastructure, hosting and cloud providers.  Red Hat believes that a consistent, certified and supported experience of those solutions across all cloud infrastructure types (public or private) is critical to delivering on the promise of modern, hybrid applications.

Cloud companies can work with Red Hat to understand our certification process, requirements and benefits, as well as to help design and deliver great experiences for these solutions which are aligned to the Red Hat platform and product portfolio.

Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners is growing our involvement with cloud organizations including those supporting Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CloudForms, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform as well as OpenShift.

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Company types not serviced by Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners

Companies which are primarily focused on sales, go-to-market and services such as Distributors, Systems Integrators (SIs), Resellers and Value Added Resellers (VARs) are not considered primary company types currently serviced by Red Hat Connect for Technology Partners.  

Companies of this type should consider participation in the Red Hat Connect for Business Partners that is managed and serviced by Red Hat’s channel partner teams.