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Red Hat commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study to highlight how a composite organization of existing Red Hat partners can benefit from Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform. This study focuses on how Red Hat partners are increasing revenue with this platform and the investments they are making in areas they consider to be best practices contributing to their success.

At least half of Ansible service clients go on to buy more. You can build many things on top of Ansible, so it is easy to upsell because it’s fundamental. You can then get creative with your customer. There are many things you can do once Ansible is set up and used.

General manager and co-founder, Red Hat partner

Key highlights


Increased revenue opportunity

Average revenue opportunity of 4.6x the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform subscription revenue by providing value-added services.

Professional services opportunity

Average revenue opportunity of 80% gross margin combined on initial professional services opportunities.

Managed services opportunity

Average revenue opportunity of 60% gross margin on managed services.

More new deals

The total number of new deals is growing an average of 40% when Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform is included.

Learn how you can benefit from Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform

Whether you are selling subscriptions or offering professional or managed services, this automation solution can help increase your revenue. Learn how to serve as a strategic, trusted advisor to your customers with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.

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