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Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification

Red Hat® OpenShift® Operator Certification combines the advantages of Kubernetes operators with the strength of Red Hat’s partner network.

What are operators?

An operator is a method of packaging, deploying, and managing a Kubernetes application. An operator takes human operational knowledge and encodes it into software applications that can be shipped with container images.

More specifically, an operator is an application-specific controller that extends the Kubernetes API to manage the life cycle of an application.

Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification

Deploying on Red Hat OpenShift lets you take advantage of Kubernetes and containers to manage and scale your customers’ deployments. Building and certifying your operator for Red Hat OpenShift is a Red Hat recommended practice to orchestrate cloud-native applications on Kubernetes, and can help differentiate your product and company.

Red Hat OpenShift Certified Operators offer end users a broad range of applications and infrastructure that can be managed in a consistent manner, across both private and public clouds. OpenShift Certified Operators are backed by collaborative support between Red Hat and our partners, extending trust from the container platform to the application stack.

Now, partners can publish their operator and sell its corresponding application in Red Hat Marketplace.

Red Hat certification badges

Certification badges extend the Red Hat OpenShift Operator certification into specific functional areas or infrastructure services that are key in cloud-native deployments for our joint customers. Building on Operator certification, badges indicate that the certified product delivers additional capabilities, such as conformance with Kubernetes plugin APIs like Container Storage Interface (CSI) or Container Networking Interface (CNI).

Partner products that have attained these badges benefit from differentiated features and are promoted in the Red Hat certified catalog and through joint marketing activities.

Benefits for partners



Functionality of operators are verified by Red Hat on OpenShift.

Continuous certification

Certified operators are verified on an ongoing basis, with fast turnaround for security updates.

Support coverage

The foundation for operators and their containers are fully supported when used with OpenShift.


IDC report

Interviewed build partners recognized Red Hat software certification as a cornerstone of their ability to sell their software, as well as give them a potential competitive differentiator.

Day 2 Operators

This session will focus on how to build Day-2 Operators, and explain how you and your customers can benefit from them.

OpenShift operator workshop

Request a dedicated OpenShift operator workshop for you and your colleagues. This one-hour workshop is hosted by a Red Hat engineer and includes plenty of time for Q&A.

OpenShift 4.7

In this webinar, Red Hat experts discuss an overview of Red Hat OpenShift 4.7 which includes a public Q&A.

Generate market awareness

Red Hat Marketplace

  • Publish and sell your solutions across all cloud platforms
  • Build a consistent revenue stream
  • Get to market faster with subsequent releases

OperatorHub, embedded in Red Hat OpenShift

  • Discoverable and deployable within OpenShift
  • Customers can easily deploy your product on Kubernetes clusters

Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog

  • Featured within OpenShift operators section
  • Unique product features & benefits information
  • Advanced search engine integration

Red Hat OpenShift TV

Lights, Camera, Action!

It's OpenShift like you’ve never seen it before. Enjoy live, unfiltered presentations, demos and conversations with Red Hatters and Red Hat® OpenShift® experts during livestreams on Twitch, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live.

If you have an operator and an interesting story/topic/technology, let us know if you'd like to join the show. Contact us at