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Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification

Red Hat® OpenShift® Operator Certification combines the advantages of Kubernetes operators with the strength of Red Hat’s partner network.

What are operators?

An operator is a method of packaging, deploying, and managing a Kubernetes application. An operator takes human operational knowledge and encodes it into software applications that can be shipped with container images.

More specifically, an operator is an application-specific controller that extends the Kubernetes API to manage the life cycle of an application.

Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification

Deploying on Red Hat OpenShift lets you take advantage of Kubernetes and containers to manage and scale your customers’ deployments. Building and certifying your operator for Red Hat OpenShift is a Red Hat recommended practice to orchestrate cloud-native applications on Kubernetes, and can help differentiate your product and company.

Red Hat OpenShift Certified Operators offer end users a broad range of applications and infrastructure that can be managed in a consistent manner, across both private and public clouds. OpenShift Certified Operators are backed by collaborative support between Red Hat and our partners, extending trust from the container platform to the application stack.

Benefits for partners


Functionality of operators are verified by Red Hat on OpenShift.

Continuous certification

Safety of certified operators are verified on an ongoing basis, with fast turnaround for security updates.

Support coverage

The foundation for operators and their containers are fully supported when used with OpenShift.

Promotion in OpenShift OperatorHub

Red Hat OpenShift Certified Operators gain broad exposure to enterprise customers through their presence in the Red Hat OpenShift OperatorHub where certified products can be easily identified and consumed by OpenShift users.

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