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Red Hat OpenShift Operator certification at-a-glance

August 6, 2020
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If you have signed up as a Build Partner and support your application on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, here are the five steps required to obtain Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification:

  1. Request access to OpenShift software. Alternatively, you can use CodeReady Containers to run OpenShift on your desktop/laptop.
  2. Build a Kubernetes Operator following the guidelines in the Certified Operator Guide.
  3. Join the OpenShift and Containers Zone to create your certification projects
  4. Certify each of the containers in your application, so they can be inspected for CVEs   and supportability. Keep in mind that the base image layer must be Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Universal Base Images
  5. Provide both the image and metadata for your Operator, so they can be verified for interoperability with OpenShift.

Once all steps are completed, you'll be ready to publish your certified Operator, to promote on the Certified Catalog as well as the OperatorHub. You can also choose to use our certification API to automate the tasks needed when your application is updated.

For a detailed step-by-step document, you should review the Partner Guide for OpenShift Operator and Container Certification.

Prerequisite: These steps assume you’ve already logged into Red Hat Partner Connect. If not, see these onboarding instructions.


Hugo Rivero
Hugo Rivero
Product Manager
Hugo manages certification for Red Hat software partners, with the goal of offering customers a broad range of trusted solutions. He works with Red Hat product teams to define platform requirements and best practices, and drives the corresponding certification tools and services offered through Red Hat Partner Connect. His primary focus is on cloud-native workloads and infrastructure for OpenShift. Hugo brings over 20 years of industry experience in technology adoption and ecosystem development. He is based in the Boston area.