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A new login and landing page experience for partners

January 17, 2024
2 minute read

As part of our ongoing work to improve the Red Hat partner digital experience, we recently made improvements to the login process for partners on Partner Connect (also known as, our partner website), and how elements of our partner platform are accessed.

The new login experience simplifies partner login, removing steps from the prior process. After login, it provides direct access to a broad range of partner resources, intended for use by partner companies and their associates. (Try it here.)

From the login icon on, the new “Log in” takes you directly to a Red Hat login page. After entering your credentials and logging in, you will be presented with an authenticated landing page showing the various resources available to you as a partner including partner training, our content repository (Red Hat Content Center), the Business Partner Portal for deal registration and other workflows, the technology certification portal, partner support, and more.  

The new unified login path replaces the three login options presented on our old partner login page, and substitutes the new unified authenticated landing page for the three separate destinations previously used as landing pages. If you would like to provide feedback on this new experience by participating in a usability study with the Red Hat User Experience Design team, and to contribute to other improvements, please consider signing up here.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why have we changed the login process and landing page?
    • The new login process is more streamlined and aligns more closely with the login process used across the Red Hat site system.
    • The new flow removes the requirement that partner users have to identify their intended partner activity before logging in.
    • The new consolidated landing page will provide a unified jumping off point into the complete set of tools and workflows available to Red Hat partners.
  • I am not finding X on the landing page, where is it?
    • Certain capabilities are only accessible to a limited set of partner companies, or to specific partner associates. If you do not see a resource that you believe you should be able to access, and you don’t know how to access it, contact Red Hat partner support. We also expect to add access to additional partner resources as part of our roadmap.
  • Where can I find support? What should I do if I have problems logging in to my partner account?
  • How can I provide feedback on the new login process and unified landing page?
    • We would appreciate it if you would sign up for our usability study, as described above. Sign up here.


Jim Berets
Senior Principal Product Manager
Jim is a product manager on Red Hat’s Ecosystem Development Product & Platforms team.