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Partner Success Story

Creating a scalable comprehensive approach to Kubernetes

Aqua provides a comprehensive cloud security solution for enterprises using Red Hat OpenShift to deploy their cloud native applications

Fast Facts:

  • Company: Aqua unleashes the power of cloud native security
  • Partner Type:Security Partner
  • Products Used: OpenShift, Vulnerability Scanning

The challenge

As more enterprises adopted OpenShift as their Kubernetes platform of choice, they struggled with manual or inconsistent configurations and security settings, poor coordination between development and security teams, and potential risks from the gaps between isolated security steps, like image vulnerability scanning and workload assurance policy enforcement.

Aqua Security Explained

The Solution

Aqua identified the need for a comprehensive, scalable approach to:

  • managing the complexity of native Kubernetes security controls ensuring hardening of Kubernetes hosts
  • centralizing enforcement of assurance policies for Kubernetes workloads and container images
  • identifying and managing container and image vulnerabilities as an integral facet of the development process.
  • Defining and enforcing role-based granular access controls to limit permissions for multiple teams and application developers

Another key aspect of our partnership has been Operator certification to improve the experience and simplify management of Aqua components.

Steve Coplan
Director of Strategic Alliances Product Marketing

Lessons learned

Aqua’s native integration with OpenShift empowers enterprises to bridge the gap between IT and security teams and allows the use of modern application development and deployment methods while increasing their overall security posture — all with no impact on agility or performance.

With OpenShift container security certification as well as Operator certification, Aqua helps organizations to minimize their security risk exposure and enforce compliance across their cloud native application lifecycle and infrastructure.

Key takeaways

Our partnership with Red Hat has proven to be critical in addressing our customer needs from multiple perspectives: commercial, technical and roadmap.

  1. Working together with the Red Hat field has helped to streamline the sales cycle
  2. Certification and clear technical communication has ensured that Aqua can run effectively in customer environments
  3. Roadmap alignment ensures that Aqua is working toward achieving the customers’ business objectives and long-term design and architecture plans