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What are Universal Base images?

Red Hat Universal Base Images (UBI) are part of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and it’s goal is to produce a set of base images for all the needs of developers, ISVs, and community projects. Developers, operations, and security teams in many IT organizations have extensive experience with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. UBI gives them familiar base images, packages, and package management tools that they can easily support without retraining. What’s new is that you don’t need to be a Red Hat customer to use UBI.

UBI shares the same 10+ year lifecycle as the version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux on which it is based. UBI components are updated when the corresponding Red Hat Enterprise Linux components are updated.

Do more with UBI

Designed to be a foundation for cloud-native and web applications use cases in containers, UBI consistently delivers a reliable and secure format. There are no subscription management or registration requirements for using UBI. This, combined with the long support lifecycle, makes UBI an excellent choice for free software projects and automated build systems.

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