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New Red Hat Enterprise Linux software certification

With the launch of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, Red Hat has launched a new software certification offering for partners. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux software certification is the model for setting, measuring, and enforcing standards of best practices in modern software applications resulting in the technical assurances today's enterprise customers demand.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux ecosystem

For many years, we have collaborated with our partners to build the largest commercial ecosystem on an open source platform. Through Red Hat Partner Connect, we offer resources for software companies to test and qualify their products on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and promote them in our ecosystem catalog. In the catalog, our customers can find a broad choice of solutions that are backed up by enterprise support.

We continue to invest in a trusted RHEL stack, with platform verification tools and services that complement our partners’ testing efforts. Red Hat Container Certification, introduced in 2017, allows partners to take advantage of our robust RHEL foundation for containers, as well as security scanning, build services, and continuous image verification.

We are pleased to announce that we have extended this approach to all formats and delivery methods, by providing tooling to verify the integrity and supportability of the RHEL environment used by the application. We are taking advantage of RHEL 8 capabilities to enhance application profiling, so we can offer a better support experience for customers using certified applications. Read about the new Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 certification

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Benefits for partners

Consistency across hybrid cloud

The certification tool verifies the RHEL application environment, so it can be supported on any footprint.

Collaborative Support

Software vendors can engage Red Hat support to troubleshoot issues for joint customers.

Red Hat Insights

Application profile matched against customer deployment, improving troubleshooting and promoting best practices.

To stay ahead of the dynamically changing threat landscape, it is imperative that solutions and platforms that businesses rely on are secure from day one. Our customers utilize a diverse set of devices and operating systems in their environments and McAfee takes great pride in ensuring that our customers are protected across all these devices. We are proud to provide zero day support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and look forward to ensuring that our joint customers are protected from the very first day on this exciting new Red Hat release.