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Partner Accreditations

Red Hat offers 2 types of accreditation for our partners:

Individual accreditation

For employees of Red Hat partners, successful completion of a defined accreditation path within the Red Hat Partner Training Portal results in an individual accreditation.

There are 3 individual accreditation roles:

  • Red Hat Sales Specialist
  • Red Hat Delivery Specialist
  • Red Hat Sales Engineer Specialist

Company accreditation

To earn a partner company accreditation, a certain combination of partner employees must be accredited as sales, sales engineers, and delivery specialists. In addition, the partner company must provide Red Hat with other materials, including customer references.

There are 3 company accreditation roles:

  • Red Hat Datacenter Infrastructure Partner
  • Red Hat Middleware Solutions Partner
  • Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure Partner

The Red Hat Partner Training Portal really does provide a wealth of comprehensive information, expertise, training courses, and all courses, as well as labs, are available online.

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Partner Success

See how Red Hat partners with accreditations grow their business

Levvel, Shadowsoft, Consol, Leonardo Consulting

Hear from various partners on how they’ve used the Red Hat Partner Training Portal. See how you can expand your partnership with Red Hat.


ConSol uses the Red Hat Partner Training Portal's proactive skill-based training to develop their staff as they grow their business.

Red Hat, Arctiq, and CBC

Arctiq uses the Red Hat Partner Training Portal to grow their open source business and gain customer loyalty.

Note: Red Hat business partners must achieve and maintain accreditations. Check your partner contract guide for more information on your region-specific requirements.
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