Technical Support Alliance Network

Technical Support Alliance Network (TSANet), established in 1993, is an industry Not-For-Profit organization that facilitates vendor-to-vendor support collaboration on behalf of mutual customers.

Red Hat makes extensive use of TSANet to troubleshoot and resolve customer issues that involve certified products from our partners. For partners with certified products, the annual membership fee is paid by Red Hat Partner Connect, as a program benefit. Partners with certified products are encouraged (and for some certifications required) to register with TSANet to take advantage of this collaborative support framework.

To check whether your company is a public member or not, consult the TSANet members list.

If you intend to certify a product, register for your TSANet membership at the Red Hat TSANet registration page. This registration process will require internal ownership and documentation of your support process by your Technical Support management. For further information, please contact TSANet at