Red Hat OpenStack Platform Certification

Ensure interoperability of your infrastructure service or virtualized network functions (VNF) with Red Hat® OpenStack® Platform. This includes a self-service workflow and a tool to verify that your configuration meets our best practices.


What is Red Hat OpenStack Platform?

A leading open source cloud infrastructure project—stabilized for your enterprise Red Hat OpenStack Platform is a cloud computing platform that virtualizes resources from industry-standard hardware, organizes those resources into clouds, and manages them so users can access what they need—when they need it.

Benefits of Red Hat OpenStack Platform certification

Functionality on Red Hat OpenStack Platform

Life-cycle management

Align with Red Hat OpenStack Platform across its life cycle

Supportability on Red Hat Infrastructure

Software access

Access prerelease software for streamlined verification

Compliance with Red Hat OpenStack Platform interfaces (APIs)

Collaborative support

Access Red Hat's support organization to troubleshoot and resolve customer issues

Component packaging and containerized services

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Open source cloud infrastructure

Red Hat OpenStack Platform gives you the features and functions to construct a scalable, flexible cloud environment based on proven, integrated technologies from the core to the edge. Red Hat OpenStack Platform can power both core and edge computing.

Documentation and resources

Open source cloud infrastructure

Learn how you can get hybrid cloud computing right by leveraging a proven portfolio of enterprise open source solutions to build and manage your hybrid or multicloud infrastructure.