Migrate to and certify on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 with LEAPP

As a valued ISV partner, we want to better support your Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® migration and certification strategy. We know these can be substantial projects, but we have taken steps to simplify your journey of moving to the latest version using our in-place upgrade tool, LEAPP.

Support Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 with LEAPP

LEAPP is a CLI tool that helps users with the porting and installation process for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, making your in-place upgrade easier. This webinar introduces LEAPP and its benefits, then steps you through the process for using the tool.

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Upgrade in place

Simplify your work with an in-place upgrade from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 using LEAPP.

Technology partner resources

The ISV LEAPP to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 guidance document introduces LEAPP, helps you determine if LEAPP is right for you, and gets you started using LEAPP.

Understand compatibility

Learn about Red Hat's guidelines regarding support of third-party applications across multiple releases of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

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