Red Hat Enterprise Linux software certification

Red Hat Enterprise Linux® software certification: leverage best practices and a path for improved supportability and interoperability. Certify and differentiate your products in the enterprise marketplace.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux Certification

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the industry-leading Linux, providing the foundation for next-generation architectures, with support for all major hardware platforms and thousands of commercial and custom applications. And it is the foundation for Red Hat OpenShift® and Red Hat OpenStack®.

Develop on Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is very developer-friendly. Learn about important new changes and our portfolio of development tools.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 9 is available!

If you have a RHEL subscription, then you have access to RHEL 9. Check it out

Benefits of Red Hat certification


Consistency across hybrid cloud

The certification tool verifies your Red Hat Enterprise Linux application environment so it can be supported on any Red Hat footprint.

Continuous certification

Publish and promote your certified applications on the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog.

Support coverage

Red Hat will help you onboard to join TSANet for collaborative case management.

Let's get started

Learn more about RHEL

IDC Report

Read the new IDC Study confirming the strong value proposition of achieving and maintaining Red Hat certification for partner products. Benefits include higher revenues, access to new customers, and gaining operational efficiencies.

Red Hat solutions for SAP

Unlocking the Red Hat portfolio eases the complexity of migration while putting your best future in mind by making your datacenter efficient, making hybrid IT simple, powering the intelligent edge of the network, and by enabling new business insights from big data.

Analyst paper

This IDC study investigates the economic reach of Red Hat’s flagship operating system and why it’s the world's leading enterprise Linux platform.

Documentation and Resources


Read this ebook to discover the Red Hat Enterprise Linux experience in seven essential areas of IT.