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Red Hat container certification

Learn, build, certify, and distribute your product using a cloud-native approach, taking full advantage of the solid foundation of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® and the scalable container platform of Red Hat OpenShift®.

Red Hat Universal Base Image

The Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI) is the highest quality and most flexible base container image available in the market. UBI is built on the same trusted foundation as Red Hat Enterprise Linux and provides developers with access to proven bits that work just as well in production as they do in development.

Building on Universal Base Image, partners can build once and distribute anywhere, meeting their customers where they are—whether that’s on Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, or any other platform.

Benefits for partners

Build, share, and collaborate on your containerized application anywhere you want.
Confidently standardize on a single enterprise-class container foundation with continuous security updates.
Gain full support for mutual end users running certified containers on subscribed Red Hat environments.

Certify your containers on Red Hat

In order to meet security and support requirements from enterprise customers, software vendors can take advantage of Red Hat container certification. Once certified, partners are fully supported by Red Hat on Red Hat container platforms, such as Red Hat OpenShift.

Benefits of certification:

  • Continuous monitoring of certified images to identify security risks or outdated components.
  • Partners get access to Red Hat’s container build service, so images with security vulnerabilities can be automatically updated and published.
  • Partners can reduce development costs by standardizing on a robust container foundation while enabling full stack support for customers running on the Red Hat platform.
  • Container certification provides readiness for Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification to manage the application with the leading enterprise distribution of Kubernetes.

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