Red Hat Container Certification

Build, certify, and distribute your containerized software and microservices all while taking full advantage of the solid enterprise-grade foundation of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® and the scalable Kubernetes-based container platform of Red Hat OpenShift®.

Expanded and exclusive Red Hat Enterprise Linux redistribution rights

Red Hat Partner Connect members can now use and freely redistribute any Red Hat Enterprise Linux user- space packages necessary to build their software (except the Linux kernel) . This expanded access to Red Hat Enterprise Linux user space nearly triples the number of packages available to Red Hat Partner Connect members as compared to Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI) content alone. 

Redistributing Red Hat Enterprise Linux user-space packages is an exclusive benefit for Red Hat Partner Connect members and requires Red Hat container certification.

Red Hat UBI eBook

The Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI) is the highest quality and most flexible base container image available in the market. This comprehensive eBook covers a variety of topics and can be useful for developers, software partners, IT architects and managers.

Benefits for partners

Build and redistribute your containerized application anywhere you want.
Confidently standardize on a single enterprise-class container foundation with continuous build and security updates.
Gain improved support for mutual end users running certified containers on subscribed Red Hat environments.


New IDC report

In the latest IDC study, partners reported that certifying their software with Red Hat has a significant and positive impact on their businesses as they meet customer requirements and grow business.

IDC webinar

Watch and learn about the new IDC study confirming the strong value proposition of Red Hat certification for build partners, including:

  • 49% higher revenue for software products certified by Red Hat
  • 19% improvement in win rate
  • 17% faster time-to-market for new services and applications

Container certification partner guide

Learn about the process for obtaining a “Red Hat Certified” designation for your containerized applications built on Red Hat technologies.

Develop on Red Hat Universal Base Image

The Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI) is an OCI-compliant container base operating system image with complementary runtime languages and packages that are freely redistributable.

Certify your containers on Red Hat

In order to meet security and support requirements from enterprise customers, Red Hat partners can take advantage of Red Hat container certification and obtain these benefits.

Benefits of Red Hat certification:

  • Versatile container development - Using UBI, build once and securely and effectively deploy anywhere.
  • Portability across hybrid cloud and cloud providers - No customer lock-in for choosing cloud providers.
  • Continuous monitoring for assured security - stay informed of new and/or known vulnerabilities.
  • Better global customer support with Red Hat - utilizing TSANet, improved enterprise support from Red Hat and our partners.
  • Improved market awareness - publish your product in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog.

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