Help customers refine their cloud computing approach

Red Hat® OpenShift® Service on AWS (ROSA) is a production-ready, turnkey application platform that allows partners to assist customers in building, deploying, and scaling applications. By offering this platform, you can open paths to increased revenue, improved profitability, and enhanced customer relationships.

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Deliver the flexible platform your customers need

Your customers are looking for ways to modernize legacy applications and accelerate application development. Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS, and the professional and cloud services that come with it, meet this customer need and can create additional revenue for Red Hat partners. By delivering a managed Red Hat OpenShift service running natively on Amazon Web Services, this platform offers the tools needed to boost operational efficiency and create more time for innovation.

Why OpenShift Service on AWS?

The ability to implement open hybrid cloud with speed, flexibility, and scale provided by Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS creates opportunities for stronger relationships and improved profitability for customers and partners alike.

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For partners


Generate more revenue by offering professional and managed services to create larger projects


Open more lines of revenue as a trusted advisor on Red Hat solutions


Tap into the AWS migration acceleration program for more selling opportunities


Offer a consistent, cloud-native application solution across hyperscalers

For customers


Build and scale applications that create business value


Refocus on innovation instead of infrastructure management


Make the most of cloud investments and entitlements with AWS


Create hybrid cloud flexibility with a consistent OpenShift experience

Frequently asked questions

How can I learn more about this platform?

Review our technology overview to gain a deeper understanding of Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS.

How can I measure the impact of Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS for my customers?

View our value for partners infographic for data points that show how this platform is a worthy investment of time and resources.

What opportunities are created by using Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS?

Read the Total Economic Impact study by Forrester Consulting to learn how partners have increased revenue with Red Hat OpenShift.

If I am not already a Red Hat partner, how do I learn more about becoming one?

Check out all the benefits and opportunities that are available when you become a Red Hat partner.

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Expand partnership possibilities with Red Hat and AWS

In order to offer OpenShift Service for AWS to your customers, you must be an AWS partner. If you are not already an AWS partner, find out how you can grow your business with Amazon Web Services.

Empower your customers to find their path to the open hybrid cloud with OpenShift Service on AWS.