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Red Hat OpenShift lowers the barriers to artificial intelligence projects

March 22, 2022
Red Hat OpenShift 4.10 adds new capabilities in support of AI, along with NVIDIA AI Enterprise 2.0 certification to help streamline development and fuel innovation around intelligent applications


Upskilling on RHEL 9 for Partners

September 6, 2022
Whether you are training on RHEL 8, RHEL 9, or somewhere in between, our training and certification offerings have you covered.

Technical resources

Container Certification FAQ

September 20, 2022
During a recent technical workshop we discussed what you need to know to build and certify your containers for Red Hat platforms and have shared some of the questions and answers with you.

Technology certification

Good practices to generate the best CNF Certification with DCI part 1

November 13, 2023
This post aims at specifying how DCI can help you in the road to achieve CNF Certification, understanding what configuration you should provide to DCI to correctly execute CNF Cert Suite and obtain the required (and desired) results.