Red Hat Quay 3.10 is here

January 11, 2024
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Red Hat Quay 3.10 is now generally available! With Quay 3.10, your customers can benefit from a more secure, convenient, and efficient Quay workflow. This release introduces automation in the lifecycle of container images by pruning old tags automatically. Auto-pruning ensures that your customers can integrate CI/CD pipelines and external registries with Quay while keeping storage consumption manageable and reducing the exposure to vulnerabilities that are often found in outdated images.

Additionally, Quay 3.10 also increases deployment flexibility by allowing customers to run on IBM POWER and System z on RHEL and OpenShift. With an updated preview of the new user interface, Quay 3.10 aligns with the look and feel of the Red Hat product portfolio to make it easier for your customers to work with large content sets. 

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