Red Hat Partner program accelerating business velocity

March 29, 2022
1 minute read

A sizable majority of IT industry sales are conducted through partners and are not likely to slow down soon. As we emerge from the pandemic, it is clear that the cloud has transformed the IT industry by its ability to provide agile transformation, resiliency, and adaptability. 

Partner strategy begins with the end-user. 

Red Hat is deploying learnings and use cases for partners to address each type of customer journey and container entry point to have a revenue multiplier effect, from cloud re-architecture to cloud-native. Their newly formed customer success organization works closely with the partner teams.

Red Hat has also  built a partner engagement framework to cover all aspects of partner success. A robust and unified organizational structure, rules to manage partner lifecycle, ensuring partner success through training and support, relationship management and thought leadership support, and resources to enable sales and collaboration. Red Hat's partner program is a journey through many roads joining a freeway that empowers partner business velocity.  TechAisle’s Anurag Agarwal, takes a deeper look at how the Red Hat Partner Program is accelerating business velocity. 

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shawn deena
Shawn Deena
Partner Marketing Content Strategist
Shawn Deena is a Partner Marketing Content Strategist at Red Hat, working with teams across the organization on content specifically created for partners including the website, Red Hat Partner Connect