Red Hat OpenShift training tailored to your partner journey

November 15, 2022
2 minute read
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When determining the next steps of your professional development, you want to make sure you are on the right path to meet your goals. The Red Hat Partner Training Portal offers Red Hat Training at no cost for individuals of all experience levels. This includes covering topics such as deploying containers, developing containerized applications, managing container storage and using automated DevOps pipelines. With so many options available, we are committed to making the process easy to navigate.

other training

If your journey involves upskilling on Red Hat OpenShift, there are several courses that have been updated in the portal for your specific job roles and responsibilities. These courses include the following (login is required to enroll in these courses)

Each of these courses furthers your understanding of cloud-native applications from different perspectives, including both OpenShift Administrators and OpenShift Developers.

Assess your skills 

For partners looking to build more effective teams, these courses can help team members identify a path forward most applicable to their role.  Skills assessments (must login to view) are also available on the Red Hat Partner Training Portal, identifying areas for improvement and providing a solid foundation for further training.

View all Red Hat Training courses here, or explore the entire Red Hat Partner Training Portal course catalog here.


Fernando Lozano
Principal Curriculum Architect
Fernando lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and works on Red Hat's certification training for OpenShift, containers, and DevOps.
Ravi Srinivasan
Principal Curriculum Architect
Ravi lives in Bengaluru, India and designs technical training courses for OpenShift, containers, and cloud-native application development. He has over 20 years of experience in the industry and is passionate about Linux and Open Source technologies.