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Red Hat Enterprise Linux software certification at-a-glance

July 7, 2020
1 minute read
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If you’re a Build Partner interested in bringing your traditional (non-container) software to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, here are the five steps required:

  1. Set up a certification project in Red Hat Partner Connect.
  2. Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux (Request access to software, or visit Red Hat Developer).
  3. Execute the Red Hat Enterprise Linux software certification test suite.
  4. Upload certification results to Red Hat for review.
  5. Obtain Red Hat certification approval and publish in the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog

Prerequisite: These steps assume you’ve already logged into Red Hat Partner Connect. If not, see these onboarding instructions.


Joel Destefano
Joel Destefano
Product Manager
Joel DeStefano is a product manager for Red Hat's Partner Connect team, with a passion for delivering customer value through choices in high quality certified ISV workloads on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Working closely with partners, and Red Hat platform leaders, his focus is on bringing ISV certification offerings to market that validate products are developed and deployed using best practices thus ensuring supportability and enabling the hybrid-cloud journey.