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Updates to Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog

December 5, 2023
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TL;DR:  We recently updated our Partner Ecosystem Catalog. Here’s a brief explanation of what’s new, why we made these changes, and how to update your information. 

Why did Red Hat update the Partner Ecosystem Catalog?

Red Hat® Ecosystem Catalog® demonstrates the breadth and depth of Red Hat's extensive partner network. Its purpose is to connect customers with expert partners, solutions, and offerings that work with Red Hat to solve customer challenges. 

The catalog exists as the one place to explore the Red Hat ecosystem and extend Red Hat products with partner offerings. It helps customers identify Red Hat products with multiple types of partner offerings, for any and every stage of their buying journey. 

We wanted to make that journey easier, faster, and more simple. 

Previously, customers had to browse several different sites to learn about Red Hat partners and their solutions. Now, the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog provides a ready platform so customers can find everything they need in one place. This change aims to extend the promotion of the entire open innovation ecosystem, inclusive of all partners. 

This update allows customers to identify the partners aligned with each Red Hat platform within the ecosystem. The updated site consists of more than 12,750 certified products, 7,180 containers, 55 Red Hat Ecosystem Solutions, and 200 partner pages. Our improved, user-friendly catalog helps customers explore and find relevant solutions and offerings from our large and robust ecosystem of enterprise hardware, software, and cloud and service providers in less time.

These changes were inspired by feedback from partners and customers as well as competitive analysis.  

We addressed partner pain points by:

  • Extending reach to Red Hat customers.
  • Increasing value and expanding incentive promotion through Red Hat.
  • Removing barriers to the opportunity to capture leads and build your pipeline.
  • Improving the ability to update partner information.
  • Creating a better user experience.

What are the new updates? 

The revamped Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog features the following major updates:

  1. Partner finder provides an industry-standard tool for customers to easily find Red Hat partners that match their needs.
  2. Global search makes it simpler for customers to find partner offerings, which makes it easier for customers and partners to connect. 
  3. New home page and design better highlight the partner ecosystem and provide users with prioritized calls to action.
  4. Inclusion of Ansible Automation Platform and Integrations enables partners to feature work that extends the use of Ansible. 
  5. Featured partner solutions create another avenue for including content in the catalog to highlight partner value. 

These changes will help showcase partner relationships and success with Red Hat customers by promoting partner solutions, highlighting specific areas of expertise, and extending partner reach to Red Hat customers. These updates not only benefit partners but customers too.

These changes upgrade the customer experience by:

  • Granting access to an inventory of all Red Hat partner solutions and capabilities.
  • Connecting customers with the right Red Hat partner based on their needs.
  • Simplifying search functions for services and offerings that solve their problems.
  • Providing a trusted source for understanding the capabilities of the Red Hat ecosystem.
  • Identifying a path for help, support, or hand raise to talk to sales.

Overall, we expect these updates to give customers an easy way to find partners that meet their business needs and extend the use of Red Hat offerings. In turn, it will elevate our partners’ relationship with Red Hat and create opportunities that align with their unique abilities. 

How to get started with the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog

If you have a Partner Account Manager (PAM), reach out to them to update your partner information within the catalog.

If you don’t have a PAM,  you can update or add certified content to Catalog on your own, by following these steps:

For containerized software certifications: Log in to Connect dashboard →  

For all other certifications:  Log in to RHCert dashboard → 

Still not sure how to update certified content in Catalog?
Our Partner Acceleration Desk can help →   

More helpful links

Explore partner training resources → 

Find more programs available to partners → 


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Kellyn Lee
Web Writer for Red Hat Content Team
Kellyn is a web writer on Red Hat's content marketing team. She has worked for Red Hat for two years on a variety of projects for our partners and diverse stakeholders. Her expertise lies in written word and storytelling.
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Kyle St. Pierre
Senior Technical Product Manager for Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog
Kyle is a product manager on the Ecosystem Development Product & Platforms team. He has been at Red Hat for 3 years working to ensure the Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog reflects the depth and breadth of Red Hat's partner ecosystem.