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Private Partner Automation Hub

August 2, 2023
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Red Hat Ansible has introduced a new product offering specifically designed for our partners who curate and use Ansible in their services practices: Private Partner Automation Hub. It enables partners to share their content with their own specific audience.

At a high level, this is an Ansible Galaxy style offering based on Private Automation Hub and Cloud Automation Hub detailed here https://www.ansible.com/products/automation-hub

Protecting your intellectual property

The Private Partner Automation Hub offering enables partners to protect their investment in Ansible automation, giving them a platform to be able to serve up their property with greater security and scalability capabilities. Using the Private Partner Automation Hub offering, the partner has the tools to curate their content and serve it to their target audience  of Red Hat Ansible customers.

Expedite your services engagements

Whether you are deploying servers, switches or storage units, or have armies of consultants deploying or updating open source software for a new service roll out, Ansible is key to making these activities repeatable, reliable and scalable. The content you create to make this happen is your IP: It's what makes your organization agile, fast and dynamic. With that in mind, you want to use this content as much as you can across as many customers and consultants as possible. The Private Partner Automation Hub is your library of protected content that you can serve in this way.

Ansible Automation Platform Customers

When your customer is also a Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform customer, you can sync your content directly into their instance of Private Automation Hub. This allows for disconnected use of your content in that customer's environment or longer day two operation use cases.

AAP Customers synchronize content from you, Redhat and anyone else

Non-Red Hat Customers

We know at Red Hat that not all of our customers overlap with yours, but you may still wish to use the power of Ansible to give your engagements that edge. When your customer does not have Ansible Automation Platform, you can use the upstream Ansible Core project to pull your content from your instance of hub and share it with your customers by way of the Ansible project.

Customer can run ansible core and pull from you

It should be noted that running ansible core from the upstream is done so in an open source way, using the open source license and self supported.

How do Partners get Private Partner Automation Hub?

The first step is to contact your partner sales representative at Red Hat to learn about the options available to you. Our intent is to make this offering as frictionless as possible, giving you an easy path to curate, host and serve your content.


Whole picture view of customers who have AAP and those that do not, the curation tools to create content at the partner and the partners instance of Automation Hub to serve that content.


Serving customers with AAP or only Ansible Core from the upstream.

Private Partner Automation Hub adds value to the partners services engagements by adding secure hosting and serving of Ansible content that expedites engagements through repeatability and reliability.  If you would like to know more about this initiative please contact your Red Hat Partner representative.


John Hardy
Senior Principal Product Manager
John Hardy is an experienced product manager who specializes in delivering tactical and strategic solutions with over 25 years of automation and software management experience across many platforms, past and present, from Battlefield to Banking. Currently the product manager for various Ansible components and products such as Ansible Core, Ansible Hub and Ansible Inside, John is bringing Ansible offerings to market with a focus on enabling partners to be successful in the Ansible ecosystem.