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Partner marketing resources to drive business: Did you know?

September 15, 2020
3 minute read

The Red Hat Partner Connect marketing team is tasked with driving market visibility for our partners and their Red Hat certified software, with a goal of creating more business for technology partners, sooner. To this end, we have been funding the development of co-marketing assets and activities for all software partners that engage with our Red Hat Partner Connect marketing team. 

Red Hat Partner Connect offers technology partners many co-marketing activities that are aligned with the particular type of Red Hat software certification: some require Red Hat branded certifications for specific Red Hat products including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat OpenStack, and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. Others are for partners that have Red Hat container or Operator software certifications. 

Because there are so many software companies engaged with Red Hat in our marketing activities, we have created several templates that make it easy for our partners to quickly create marketing assets for their use. These include Red Hat branded press templates, partner product brief templates, success story templates and several others. It is important to us to help our partners drive visibility for their brand along with the Red Hat portfolio and these templates are designed to do just that.

Red Hat offers two sets of co-marketing activities, one available to all partners with Red Hat Certified software, the other set is based on an evaluation of the strategic fit of the partner's software and line of business.

Available for all technology partners with Red Hat Certified software

  • Co-branded product briefs
  • Partner success videos
  • Openshift TV live streaming
  • Red Hat X Podcast Series
  • Blog posts on or Red Hat Partner Connect
  • Supporting PR - Partner issues press releases, Red Hat provides quote
  • Partner display pages - hosted on Partner’s website

Available to strategic technology partners with Red Hat Certified software

  • Partner success stories, enhanced versions
  • Partner-led webinars
  • Product demo productions
  • Sales informational videos
  • Sales information cards
  • Direct promotion to all Red Hat sales teams via the Red Hat sales portal
  • Featured promotion to the Red Hat sales teams in the Red Hat sales portal

So why are we investing in our partners and helping to promote their companies and products in the market? It’s really quite simple: partner software leverages Red Hat product sales.  Red Hat products are mostly infrastructure in nature and not something that a customer purchases to use to solve business problems on their own. Software applications such as AI/ML, databases, security applications, and APM, are in fact what customers purchase to achieve their business goals. 

Think of it like this. Red Hat software products are like the electricity in your house, without appliances, the electricity provides no value.  Customers purchase appliances like televisions, refrigerators, heating and air conditioning and so forth, which all require electricity to function. The more appliances (software applications) a customer has, the more electricity (Red Hat) they need; this is what we call subscription drag which drives sales for Red Hat.

Our software partners and their Red Hat certified software are critical to the success of Red Hat and our ability to stay competitive in the ever changing world of IT. We can’t win alone and need our software partners to be successful so together we can be selected by customers as they look to modernize their computing environments, pursue digital transformation, or more. We want to help you win because then we both win.

If your company would like to take part in one or more of the marketing activities that we are making available for our technology partners please let us know by sending an email to our Red Hat Partner Connect marketing team. Someone from our team will get back to you right away with next steps for getting started.

Let’s drive business together.