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New Red Hat Partner Code of Conduct requirement

November 2, 2020
2 minute read

The Red Hat Partner Code of Conduct must be accepted to maintain an active company account within Red Hat Partner Connect.

At Red Hat, we believe it is essential to act ethically and in accordance with the laws of the countries in which we do business. We rely on our Partners to help us maintain the trust of our customers and broader community and, therefore, only work with Partners who we believe are honest and ethical, and who commit to do business ethically.

This Partner Code of Conduct (the “Code”) is intended to protect the value of our business together and the strength of our collective reputations, and was created with the following core values in mind:

FREEDOM to pursue appropriate business opportunities 

COURAGE to take action in the face of illegal or unethical behavior 

COMMITMENT to legal and ethical business conduct 

ACCOUNTABILITY for all our actions

This Code applies to all Red Hat Partners and their officers, directors, employees, independent contractors, and agents (“Partners”). We take ethics, integrity and compliance with laws seriously and expect all Partners to adhere to this Code when conducting business with Red Hat and its customers, potential customers and other Partners. Without limiting other rights and remedies that we may have under agreements with our Partners, if Red Hat believes that a Partner has failed or may fail to comply with this Code, Red Hat may immediately suspend or terminate its relationship with the Partner.

Next steps

Login and acceptAny individual from a company will need to accept it on behalf of the company before January 1, 2021.You can read the Red Hat Code of Conduct in your choice of 21 languages. 

Note: if your company is part of Red Hat's Business Partner program and has accepted the Red Hat Partner Code of Conduct associated with that agreement, you are required to accept it again to continue in the Technology Partner Program.

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Mike Guerette
Mike Guerette
Product Marketing
Mike has worked in various roles (product management, partner/business development, product marketing, and developer relations) involving infrastructure software. He joined Red Hat in 2010 and been working with partners and developers since joining the company. He founded the Red Hat developer blog, and co-founded Red Hat Developer, and Red Hat Developer Toolset and Red Hat Software Collections for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Mike currently works on Red Hat's Ecosystem team, focused on helping Technology Partners and their development teams.