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Introducing partner co-branding standards

November 15, 2023
2 minute read

We are always looking for new and better ways to work with our valued partners, like you, when it comes to marketing. As such, we’ve made some changes to our partner co-branding standards and guidelines. Some of what you’ll see, might not be entirely new to you. However, what you will see is a more defined direction and more resources to help you in your co-branded marketing efforts. 

You now have a new Partner Handbook available. This global co-branding guidance provides you with everything you need, whether you’re creating your own marketing materials or collaborating on Red Hat-led materials, including both visual and copy guidelines. 

Some of the changes you’ll see include:

  • Retiring partner program logos and introducing co-branding guidelines for all business partners
  • Updating technical partner logos to product-specific buttons.
  • Introducing guidance for determining the “lead brand” for co-branded marketing.

Choosing one lead brand for every marketing effort will ensure that our business partners get the most from both their own brand and the Red Hat brand when we work together. The lead brand determines  the placement and usage of Red Hat’s logo, as well as which visual elements, like fonts and colors, are used.. As you review the materials, please ensure you understand how to co-brand with Red Hat and how to create the best brand impression for both your brand and Red Hat. 

We hope you find the new Partner Handbook useful and clear, but please reach out to your  Partner Account Manager (PAM) or Partner Marketing Manager (PMM) with any questions, concerns, or clarifications. 


Libby Levi
Creative Director, Brand design and Naming
Libby is a creative director on the brand and creative team at Red Hat. Since joining in 2007, she’s focused on how open source principles can help build and scale the Red Hat brand, from developing comprehensive brand standards and libraries to opening up the logo redesign process through the Open Brand Project.