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Global Tech Trends report assesses partner opportunities for IT industry in 2024

February 27, 2024
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Our industry continues to change rapidly - finding new opportunities for digital transformation and advancement each year. After surveying more than 700 customers, Red Hat has assessed where organizations are in their digital transformation initiatives and the state of cloud in 2024.

This report spans across industries and regions worldwide so we can access a comprehensive set of data - what’s changed, what’s brand new, and what we can expect from customers in 2024. 

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In our 10th year of sharing industry insights, our Global Tech Trends report highlights 6 IT and non-IT funding priorities, based on data gathered from IT leaders and decision-makers. These leaders make decisions for hardware, software, or cloud purchases at companies with a minimum of US$10 million in revenue.

The goal of the report is to measure the trends in cloud strategy and discover the priorities, barriers, and motivations for digital transformation in the IT industry. Within the report, all data is broken up by region, to better portray trends and variations.

The key topics we cover in this report include:

  • Why security remains a top funding priority.
  • Where IT management funding priorities have shifted.
  • How manual processes continue to hinder digital transformation efforts. 
  • Why application modernization varies across regions.

We’ll dive deeper into the data to answer questions, such as:

  • Why do respondents remain in the transformation stage of their digital journey? 
  • Why did respondents choose one on-prem infrastructure over another?
  • Why is FinOps becoming a larger funding priority?

The 2024 report has a wealth of additional insights, such as customers’ specific cloud strategies, industry data, automation plans, and more. 

Read the 10th Global Tech Trends report to better understand what IT leaders and organizations as a whole are prioritizing in 2024.

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