Tatiana Krishtop, PhD
Senior Software Engineer, Telco CI Lab
Tatiana works in a joint 50/50 position at Red Hat, spending half of her time as a software engineer and the other half as a reliability engineer. Her team owns an open-source tool called Distributed CI (DCI), which is a powerful and flexible CI platform written in Ansible. She also collaborates with Red Hat's Telco partners to help them use DCI on real-life Telco 5G workloads.

Articles by Tatiana Krishtop, PhD

test suites

Technical resources

Exploring Certification Test Suites Integrated in DCI: A Comprehensive Review

This post will focus on the certification test suites that Red Hat has created for cloud-native applications to verify their adherence to best practices. In particular, we will see how DCI can simplify the setup required for these suites by handling all of the work related to the preparation of the configuration for the test suites, execution of the suites and report of the results.

Technical resources

Keysight Telco Partner Experience: Red Hat Certification for Open RAN SIM CE

The post highlights the benefits of Preflight certification, emphasizes security enhancements, and starts the discussion about cloud-native function (CNF) certification and CNF workloads at Keysight

Technical resources

Keysight Telco Partner Experience: Addressing CNF Certification for Open RAN SIM CE

This post continues the journey of Keysight Technologies to achieve Red Hat OpenShift CNF Certification for Keysight Open RAN SIM CE, describing the changes and improvements made in the product to adapt to the certification requirements, as well as the workflow followed in collaboration with Red Hat’s Telco Partner CI team using Distributed-CI. Final certification results and conclusions are also shared.