Rodolfo Casás
Senior Solutions Architect
Rodolfo Casás is a Senior Solutions Architect from Madrid working for Trilio with a special focus on cloud-native computing, hybrid cloud strategies, telco and data protection. He started working with Solaris back in 1998, and GNU/Linux back in 2001 and developed a passion for Open Source software. His main fields of interest are cloud computing, data protection, automation, and systems performance tuning. He was a former Technology Instructor, teaching many classes about GNU/Linux, OpenStack, Ansible and Kubernetes. He is an active member of the Open Source and Kubernetes community, and is often featured in thought leadership discussions and event

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Technical resources

Disaster Recovery of Minecraft Server from ROSA to ARO

February 27, 2023
Our goal here is to demonstrate as a partner how you can execute seamless disaster recovery by backing up a Minecraft server in ROSA and restoring it in ARO.