John Hardy
Senior Principal Product Manager
John Hardy is an experienced product manager who specializes in delivering tactical and strategic solutions with over 25 years of automation and software management experience across many platforms, past and present, from Battlefield to Banking. Currently the product manager for various Ansible components and products such as Ansible Core, Ansible Hub and Ansible Inside, John is bringing Ansible offerings to market with a focus on enabling partners to be successful in the Ansible ecosystem.

Articles by John Hardy

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Technical resources

Introducing Ansible Inside

August 1, 2023
Introducing Ansible Inside, a product offering specifically designed to allow software developers to embed Ansible directly within their applications, in a more scalable and robust way.

Technical resources

Private Partner Automation Hub

August 2, 2023
Red Hat Ansible has introduced a new product offering specifically designed for our partners who curate and use Ansible in their services practices: Private Partner Automation Hub. It enables partners to share their content with their own specific audience.