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2022 Global Tech Outlook: A Red Hat report

July 28, 2022
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For a consecutive 8th year. Red Hat has conducted research surveying  information technology leaders and decision makers to gain better insights into where they are on their journeys of digital transformation, IT funding priorities and what they are running their applications on. 

Some of the key points gleaned from this report in  are: 

  • Companies are significantly less likely this year to be stalled or have no plans, and more are transforming and accelerating their efforts.
  • Many digital transformation projects start as IT efficiency efforts but, later, come to be seen as crucial for improving competitiveness, revenue growth, and customer experience.
  • The plurality of self-managed applications (44%) are running on hybrid cloud infrastructure, up four percentage points from last year.
  •  Among organizations’ top IT technology funding priorities for 2022, IT security was by far the most common, selected by 46% of respondents, consistent with last year’s results

Detailed descriptions, charts and graphics in this report expand on these and other key factors that make this year’s report a high value asset that could offer some beneficial perspectives as you begin or continue your digital transformation journey. 

Read the report 


shawn deena
Shawn Deena
Partner Marketing Content Strategist
Shawn Deena is a Partner Marketing Content Strategist at Red Hat, working with teams across the organization on content specifically created for partners including the website, Red Hat Partner Connect