2023 Global Tech Outlook

We surveyed more than 1700 information technology (IT) leaders to produce a report that provides a glimpse into where these leaders are on their digital transformation journey. This helps us more clearly understand how we can better meet organizations where they are. It can also help you determine where you need to go in your journey and what you might need to do to get there.

Top IT technology funding priorities

IT security

Cloud infrastructure
(public, private, hybrid, multicloud

IT/ cloud management

Key trends from the report


Security, above everything else, was consistently top of mind across all funding areas. IT security is by far the most common overall funding priority for 44% of respondents moving into 2023.

Digital transformation

While security reigns supreme as the most important concern, innovation remains a crucial directive and criteria for transformation success.

Training and upskilling

The talent and skills gap is widespread. A key contingency for digital transformation success is hiring or re-skilling talent gaps. As such, it remains the top digital transformation barrier for many.

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