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Testing your Operator with OpenShift Playground

June 25, 2020
1 minute read
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Once your Operators are built you’ll want to verify it will work with Red Hat OpenShift. OpenShift uses Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM) to deploy operators from OperatorHub. If you want to test this out yourself, follow along using a test OpenShift cluster provided by OpenShift Playground.

What are OpenShift playgrounds?

OpenShift Playgrounds give you a pre-configured environment to start playing and exploring using an unstructured learning approach. They are great for experimenting with OpenShift, including trying to deploy your own application code. The playground will be available for 60 minutes after which time it will be destroyed. Plenty of time to do some testing.


This recording was delivered at the Red Hat Summit 2020 Virtual Experience. 

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Yanai Gonzalez
Engineer, Red Hat
Yanai Gonzalez is a Partner Engineer for the Certified Technology Ecosystem team at Red Hat. She has been with the team for over 2 years, working around application and operator certification for the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. She spends most of her days helping partners navigate through technical hurdles of certifying cloud native applications for OpenShift. Yanai lives in South Florida, and on the weekends enjoys spending time with her family and fishing.