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Introducing the Red Hat OpenShift Certified Operator Discovery Workshop

June 25, 2020
2 minute read
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When we started down the path of creating a Red Hat OpenShift Operator certification for partners, after a few calls it quickly came to our attention that there were a lot of moving parts that developers needed to know about prior to beginning the certification workflow. 

So, in an attempt to be more uniform in presenting the information to partners, we created something called the OpenShift Certified Operator Discovery Workshop, or simply the Operator Discovery Workshop. 

The Operator Discovery Workshop is designed to help Red Hat partners better understand at a high level what is required for OpenShift Certification. We recommend all partners going through the certification journey to take part in this workshop with one of the Certified Technology Ecosystem engineers.

The average time it takes for a partner to certify their operator is dependent on where they are in their journey. Do you have a containerized application or service? Do you need to convert said container to use a base image acceptable for certification? Have you already built an operator before and you're looking to be certified? These are just a few of the questions we will ask and consider during the workshop.

This Discovery workshop is a live and dedicated company-to-company video conference with our partners to go over the essentials of getting an operator certified. The agenda includes:

  • A quick introduction of our organization and how we work with partners.
  • A rather thorough discussion around operators, what they can be capable of, and how they can help both a partner and their end users.
  • What makes a good operator and review a set of tools and recommended practices for building operators.
  • Certification tests that your operator will be subject to, how you can test ahead of time, the certification workflow, and the tools and requirements for both.
  • Where to get started and open the call up for Q&A  -  we find this typically leads to really informative operator capability discussions.

After the call we send a follow-up email to partners with a set of resources, materials and set of action items. We have found that after completing this Operator Discovery Workshop partners tend to complete the certification efforts faster. We can also arrange time for deeper discussions with the Red Hat Engineering team to do deep dives on building a more complex and robust operator.

If you are a Red Hat partner and interested in taking part in the workshop, please fill out this form and one of our engineers will reach out shortly afterward to set up this initial discussion.

Neal Hartman avatar
Neal Hartman
Associate Software Engineer, Red Hat
Neal Hartman is an Associate Software Engineer for the Red Hat Certified Technology Ecosystem team. He supports Red Hat technology partners through their product certification journey specializing in the Red Hat OpenShift Operator certification offering. Neal joined the team in 2019 and lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wonderful wife and their three "fur-children".