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New ebook: Red Hat Universal Base Images (UBI)

April 12, 2021
2 minute read

I am pleased to announce the availability of the new Red Hat ebook on Red Hat Universal Base Images (UBI).

As a Red Hat partner, you need a source of container base images that have many of the qualities of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, but that can be used by your customers - even if they don’t have a Red Hat subscription. 

Red Hat provides this with Universal Base Images (UBI), a subset of Red Hat Enterprise Linux for building applications in containers that have a separate End User License Agreement (EULA) and are freely redistributable. Read this new ebook to learn about benefits and more:

  • The same image can be used for both Red Hat and non Red Hat customers
  • Long-term support, updates, stability—and OCI compliant
  • Same Red Hat Enterprise Linux quality, compatibility, security, and level of testing
  • Ability for technology partners with Red Hat certified products to freely distribute other non-UBI and non-kernel Red Hat Enterprise Linux packages 
  • Helps you attract wider audiences by distributing through Red Hat Ecosystem Catalog and Red Hat Marketplace
  • Freedom for your customers to choose to get support from Red Hat
  • How your decisions on the software you place in your containers can have can have implications for the organizations that run your containerized applications

This project started many months ago and has been a collaborative effort, so I’d like to thank the following people who were key contributors to its development.

  • Rob Terzi
  • Scott McCarty
  • Scott McBrien
  • Shubha Badve
  • Fernando Lozano

Download the ebook today!

Mike Guerette
Mike Guerette
Product Marketing
Mike has worked in various roles (product management, partner/business development, product marketing, and developer relations) involving infrastructure software. He joined Red Hat in 2010 and been working with partners and developers since joining the company. He founded the Red Hat developer blog, and co-founded Red Hat Developer, and Red Hat Developer Toolset and Red Hat Software Collections for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Mike currently works on Red Hat's Ecosystem team, focused on helping Technology Partners and their development teams.