Making gains with Red Hat premier partner training

March 19, 2021
3 minute read

Have you ever tried to run a marathon without training? I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s possible, even if you don’t "hit the wall" and abandon the race, you'll likely be way below the top finishers.

At SManager, we know that to keep a customer happy, we need to know the most suitable solution available and how to best implement it. I believe our secret is in our training. It keeps us fit.

As a Red Hat Premier Business Partner, we take full advantage of the training options available, starting with the Red Hat Online Partner Enablement Network (OPEN). This is the first stop for all our presales, sales and delivery teams before hitting the ground. 

As one of Brazil’s leading IT companies, all of our staff is required to complete a number of Red Hat OPEN partner training and accreditations in order to acquire commercial and technical expertise in the Red Hat portfolio. Thanks to the resources available online, employees can do it at their own pace, complemented with lab experience and face-to-face support from the Red Hat Technical Account Managers. Red Hat OPEN training is a vital step in keeping employees updated with the latest product developments and features. 

Training Equals Growth 

I often attend the training myself. I believe training is important if we are to leverage and secure more business. We will only be able to grow if we demonstrate excellence as a team. In fact, the enthusiasm is such that we recently signed up a number of employees to a new advanced training module about cloud native. The demand from SManager exceeded the capacity offered to the whole Brazilian partners' network.

Being a Red Hat Premier Partner also provides access to the Red Hat Product Demo System. After receiving training, we can now run Red Hat product demos with key customers, providing scalability to Red Hat. 

The results are evident. Our revenues increased by 70% between 2017 and 2019, mostly with public organizations. We’re also growing in the private sector. We’ve seen a yearly 30% growth with clients such as broadcaster Globo and airline Azul. 

It isn’t just sales that are soaring. SManager has invested in human resources, and more than doubled the workforce between 2017 and 2019. Recruitment of skilled people is expected to help us to sustain and grow our Red Hat portfolio and turnover.

Is there such a thing as too much training? I don’t think so. Technology is continually developing. The aim is that when visiting a client, any SManager representative will have the technical knowledge to be able to open an opportunity. We want employees to be able to identify a problem, determine the more suitable technology to address that challenge, run the project during the presale phase and complete the delivery. Red Hat should only need to intervene when it’s a new or unusual product, or when there’s a specific requirement. 

Thanks to the extensive Red Hat training, SManager is becoming increasingly self-sufficient. We have built the stamina and endurance to compete at the highest level.

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